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Recent Order and Circular

   07/01/2017...  >>>>> MOST IMPORTANT >>>>> KIND ATTENTION ALL DISTRICT SECRETARIES , DISTRICT PRESIDENTS, DISTRICT OFFICE BEARERS, CIRCLE OFFICE BEARERS. >>>>> Enrollment of Executives as Members of SNEA, A Recognized Representative Association of Executives in BSNL >>>>>>
Comrades, As conveyed earlier also, BSNL HQ has issued instruction to Grant the facility of deduction of subscription from salary to SNEA, the Recognized Representative Association in BSNL with subscription form to be signed by Executives, Controlling officer and concerned District / Branch Secretary.
All District Secretaries. District Presidents, District Office Bearers, Circle Office Bearers must have started enrolling members and must have ensured that membership form and Authorization for deduction of monthly subscription from salary are filled from Executives / Members of all wings as per Electoral roll of SSA (Including WTR, WTP, Civil, Electrical, CMTS, IMPCS, AT, T&D etc.).
All DS/DP/DOB/COB should get maximum forms filled and submit to your AO LATEST By 10/1/2017 so that deduction starts from the salary of month of January 2017.
Original Membership form and zerox copy of deduction of subscription form should be kept with District Secretary.

Subscription Authorization form as well as Membership Forms of WTR, WTP, CMTS, IMPCS and QA / T&D Executives of your SSA should be sent to Shri Manish G Shukla (Mobile: 9427609245, Resi : 079-23213999 Postal Address: Sector No 11, Microwave Station (WTR), Nr. LIC Office, Gandhi Nagar Pin: 382011 ) our ACS of WTR and WTP wing by speed post / courier. Further all District Secretaries / District President and Com.Manish G Shukla must submit subscription forms to concerned Account Officer with forwarding letter on Association Letter Pad with details of list of Members.
>>>>> Click Here for (1) Instruction issued with deduction of subscription form by BSNL.        >>>>> (2) Membership Form of Association.>>>>>       

   28/12/2016...  >>>>> Persuasion at Circle Office for Rule 8 Transfer >>>>> Comrades, As communicated vide our letter dated 17/12/2016, we further pursued the matter at Circle office for revision of waiting list as per Date of Application. Matter is under active consideration.
Further till such time revision takes place we requested them to consider maximum cases as per point No 2 of the letter i.e. Spouse cases as well as compassionate cases which falls in chronic diseases circulated by BSNL HQ. Matter is under active consideration.

   23/12/2016...  >>>> SNEA --- Declared “Representative Association of Executives in BSNL” >>>>> Letter issued by BSNL HQ and Endorsed by Circle Office to all SSAs. >>>>> Comrades, As already conveyed earlier, We congratulate once again to one and all that after 1st EMV, SNEA is notified by BSNL as a “Representative Association of Executives in BSNL”. Circle Office has endorsed the notification to All SSA heads.

Comrades, it is a matter of proud for us but at the same time Now responsibility on our shoulder is increased. As done in past we will continue to work for betterment of all Executive cadre of all wings in BSNL and ensure that ultimately cadre issues are resolved and we will rise in a single fold so that overall growth of revenue takes place of BSNL.

Our submission to all District Secretaries, District Presidents, Circle Office Bearers and District Office Bearers is that they should interact both in person as well as in writing with SSA head for cadre issues as well as Interest of Service related issues. Maintain total co ordination with Executives of all wings and SSA head and let us, as a Team take BSNL to new heights
>>>>> Click Here for the copy of Notification Endorsed by Circle Office. >>>>>>       

   22/12/2016...  >>>>> JTO field training Orders Issued by Circle Office >>>>> Comrades, on successful completion of Training of 246 JEs, they are sent to field units for 4 week field training. Today Circle Office has issued orders in this regard. We congratulate all JEs and welcome them to Executive Cadre. Circle Secretary has written letter to GM (HR) and discussed the matter with him. As a recognized Representative Association of Executives in BSNL, we invite all of you to join SNEA at respective SSA Branches. >>>>> Click here for the copy of Order. >>>>>       

   21/12/2016...  >>>>> Look After Orders in the cadre of DE >>>>> Comrades, Circle Office has issued Look After orders for 152 DE is in our circle today. >>>>> Click here for the copy of DE (L/A) order issued by Circle Office. >>>>>       

   20/12/2016...  >>>> Result of LICE for promotion from Gr C to JTO >>>>> >>>>> Pending Vigilance Clearance and Verification of successful candidates >>>>> Comrades, Result of LICE for promotion from Gr C to JTO under 50% quota is declared by BSNL HQ in Nov 2016. Circle Office has written to All SSAs for sending vigilance clearance and verification of Eligibility and service records of successful candidates.
Report is still awaited from Nadiad, Bharuch, Surat, Valsad, Palanpur, Surendra Nagar, Bhuj, Mehsana, and Bhavnagar. All District Secretaries should ensure that report from the SSA reaches to Circle Office Immediately so that further processes can be started at Circle Office.
. >>>>> Click here for the copy of Reminder issued by Circle Office in this regard. >>>>>       

   19/12/2016...  View of SNEA GJ on Rule 8 Waiting List Registration at Circle Office. >>>>> Circle Secretary Writes to GM (HR) GJ Circle. >>>>> Comrades, we have received large number of representation in writing and oral communication by Individual,as well as from District Secretaries about injustice being felt by JTOs due to change in the criteria ( Instead of Date Of Application as done Earlier to Date of Joining as JTO done in current wait list circulated ) while registering the Application at Circle Office.
We discussed the matter at Circle Office and has conveyed the view of SNEA as a Representative Association that Date of Application should be considered while registering the Application in waiting list at Circle Office. We also discussed to consider Rule 8 transfers of JTOs in a phased manner.
>>>>> Click Here for the Letter written by Circle Secretary in this regard. >>>>>       

   19/12/2016...  >>>>> Posting of JTOs under training at RTTC Ahmedabad and BRBRAITT Jabalpur. >>>>> Circle Secretary writes to GM(HR) for the views of SNEA GJ >>>>>
Comrades, As we are aware that presently more than 250 JES are under JTO training at RTTC Ahmedabad and BRBRAITT Jabalpur. Circle Secretary has written a letter to GM(HR) conveying the view of SNEA as a Representative Association.
>>>>> Click Here for the Letter written by Circle Secretary in this regard. >>>>>       

   16/12/2016...  >>>>> Executive Diary 2017 >>>>> Comrades, SNEA GJ as doing since last 18 years, this year also is publishing Executive Diary 2017.
BSNL H.Q. instruction in this regard is endorsed by AGM (Admn) O/o CGMT Gujarat Circle office on 03.12.2016. Our quotation for Diary is attached below. All our District Secretaries are requested to down load it and submit to concern Authority of District. Subsequently pursue with the respective officer and convey us the tentative numbers of diary required for the SSA. Intimate the tentative Nos. of Diaries to Com. S.P.Chwada,(9427603999)our Circle Treasurer by SMS / Personal Whats up to avoid delay in schedule of delivery.
>>>>>>>>> Click here for (1) Quotation of Diary 2017.        (2) Instruction of BSNL HQ endorsed by AGM(A) GJ Circle. >>>>>       

   13/12/2016...  >>>>> Strike on 15/12/2016 Against formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company >>>>> The Unions and Associations of BSNL served notice on 22/11/2016, to the Secretary, DoT and the CMD BSNL, for strike on 15.12.2016 against formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company. All District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, District Office Bearers should ensure that local coordination is done with all Unions and Associations and complete strike on 15/12/2016 is made a Total Success. >>>>> Click Here To View Strike Notice Given by CHQ OF UNIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS >>       

   13/12/2016...  >>>>> Retention of JTO( C ) Promoted To SDE (C ) in GJ Circle >>>>>
Comrades, As all of you are aware that Circle and CHQ is constantly pursuing the matter for Retention of JTO( C ) Promoted To SDE (C ) in GJ Circle. On our persuasion matter was taken up by CGM GJ and Civil wing also with BSNL CO. Required details also were submitted to BSNL HQ by GJ Circle. We are monitoring the matter continuously and We are expecting the revision / retention orders shortly.

Dear Comrades, we once again heartily express our Very sincere Thanks to one & all Executive fraternity of Gujarat for supporting and electing our Beloved SNEA as the only single largest Majority Association in BSNL. We assure all Executive Fraternity in BSNL that, issues of all cadre and wings will be resolved taking everybody together, ultimately will result in rise & growth of our Beloved Company i.e. BSNL.
On this Occasion SNEA GJ, Heartily & Sincerely Invite and Appeal to all our JTOs, JAOs, PAs, PSs & all the promoted thereof of above Executives working in Telecom, Account & Finance, WTR, WTP, Civil, Electrical, T&D, etc. to en mass join & strengthen SNEA for betterment of all our Executives & BSNL.Further BSNL has issued Notification stating SNEA as "RECOGNISED REPRESENTATIVE ASSOCIATION"

   09/12/2016...  >>>>>>Jay SwamiNarayan, Com. our confidence & estimation are turned to reality in Glorious & Marvelous Victory of SNEA in Gujarat with 52 % of historic votes with the blessing of God & Hard work & support of All our Dear Executives, Members, Comrades, DSs,DPs, COBs, DOBs, CEC-Member, Activist supporter&well wishers working in Telecom, Account & Fininance, WTR, WTP, Electrical, Civil, PSs/PAs, QA/T&D & all other wing who all Shown their Heartfelt faith in SNEA. We express sincere Thanks & Congratulations to all of them.We again request all to continue to work with same zeal & spirit and let us ensure that BSNL reaches to new heights & together we can be do optimum best from Platform of SNEA to Present and also Resolve Various issues of Executive Fraternity in days to come at CHQ, Circle,Districts / Branch level. Thanking you to One & All. BSNL, SNEA Executive Unity Zindabad.

   08/12/2016...  >>>>> On Behalf of SNEA Gujarat we express our Sincere Thanks & Congratulations to one All our Dear Comrahdes, Members, DSs,DPs, COBs, DOBs,CEC-Members Activists, Supporters & well wishers working in Telecom, Fininance, WTR, WTP, Civil, Electrical, PSs/PAs, QA/T&D & all wings who all remain attached with us Heartily by Sparing valuable time since Campaning to last time of Polling.It is really matter of great Proud for we all that all have shown a extra ordinary commitment towards the cause of unity of Executives in BSNL. All Your hard work is reflected in % of high voting. We would request all to continue working with same zeal and let us ensure that BSNL reaches to new heights and together we can be do our optimum best from our SNEA Platform to Present & Resolve all issues of Executive Fraternity in days to come at CHQ, Circle & Districts / Branch level Thanking you All. BSNL Zindabad, SNEA Zindabad, Executive Unity Zindabad.Long Live SNEA(I)

   01/12/2016...  Important Points /process on 1st membership verification the Salient features received vide Corporate Office letter no BSNL/5-1/SR/2016/Vol-II dated 17th October 2016 endorsed by CO vide letter no - SR/U/248/1st M.V. Executive/2016-17/61 dated 20.10.2016.
>>>>> All COB & DOB are requested to read carefully whole document which cater whole process of 1st M.V. Executive.
>>>>> Specifically, if executive not having ID cards then one form at end page in attached file to be certified as directed then he is eligible for voting.
>>>>> Dos & Don't
Click here for Do and Donts / Instruction of 1st M.V. of Executive       

   30/11/2016...  Comrades, During visit of Hon’ble Director (HR / Finance) Smt. Sujata Ray at Gujarat, we met her good self yesterday and today and discussed and suggested various HR, social security / replacement of GSLI by Term Insurance / welfare scheme and Interest of service related issues. We also submitted memorandum in this regard also. >>>>> Click Here for (1) Copy of Memorandum submitted to Hon’ble Director (HR / Finance) Smt. Sujata Ray        >>>>> (2) Response / Reaction given by Hon’ble Director (HR / Finance) on all the issues. >>>>>        (3) Click here for Photos of Circle Leader with Hon'able Director HR Smt. Sujata Ray.        Photo-2       

   23/11/2016...  >>>>> Posting of JAO qualified in LICE >>>>>
Comrades, As all of you are aware that SNEA at BSNL HQ and Circle Level constantly pursued from the date of publishing result, for verification process, Allotment of batch from NATFM, and lastly with BSNL HQ for releasing promotion order. Now SSA posting orders are issued by Circle Office. We congratulate all candidates who successfully completed JAO training and we wish all, A Very Successful Career Ahead.
>>>>> Click Here for the Posting order of JAOs. >>>>>       

   18/11/2016...  >>>>> Pending APAR For TBP from E1-E2 to E4-E5 >>>> Attention >>>>> All District Secretaries and In Charge Circle Office Bearers >>>>>
Comrades, Circle Office has issued list of Officers whose APAR is missing for TBP from E1-E2 to E4-E5. All District Secretaries and In Charge circle office bearers should ensure that APAR reaches to Circle Office without any delay so that DPC can be completed at the earliest.
>>>>> Click here for the list >>>>>       

   18/11/2016...  >>>>> Pending VC For TBP from E1-E2 to E4-E5 >>>> Attention All District Secretaries and In Charge Circle Office Bearers of Valsad, Godhra, Ahmedabad, Circle Office, Rajkot, Junagarh, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Himmat Nagar >>>>>
Comrades, Circle Office has issued list of Officers whose VC is still not received for TBP from E1-E2 to E4-E5. All District Secretaries listed above should ensure that APAR reaches to Circle Office without any delay so that DPC can be completed at the earliest.
>>>>> Click here for the list >>>>>       

Comrades, We are pleased to release the document elaborating the HISTORY, ROLE, ACHIEVEMENTS and VISION OF SNEA FOR HR RELATED AS WELL AS BSNL INTEREST ISSUES. This brief document highlights most of the major HR-issues pertain to mass benefits & policy decisions as well BSNL Interest related issues which are dealt by SNEA at appropriate Level as & when required.
All DISTRICT SECRETARIES, CIRCLE & DISTRICT OFFICE BEARERS AND ACTIVISTS OF SNEA are requested to download and take printout of sufficient copies of the same and ensure that copy is given to the each & every Executive working in your SSA. Thus Mobilize it among all Executive cadres i.e. Telecom, Finance, Civil, Electrical , PA / PS and ensure that SNEA must win the forthcoming Membership Verification on 07/12/2016 with thumping majority by casting

   17/11/2016...  Appointment of JAO trainees on completion of training:
The Corporate Office has issued instructions to CGMs not to give posting orders to the JAO trainees after the completion of training on 18.11.2016. As per the direction of DIR(HR), GS, AGS and Jt Sec met GM(SR) and explained the issue in detail. DIR(HR) has to attend some meeting outside BSNLCO. Since the final results are published after considering all the discrepancies and training is already completed, Assn demanded that posting orders are to be issued immediately without delay. Further there are sufficient vacancies in almost all the Circles to accommodate more JAOs in case more candidates are passing the LICE. So there is no need to keep the appointment pending, Assn explained. CHQ is also interacting with GM(Rect) and GM(FP) also on this issue to find an immediate solution.

   17/11/2016...  >>>>> >>>>> Injustice to Executives working in Mehsana SSA >>>>> Letter written by Circle Secretary to Hon'ble CGMT Gujarat Circle. >>>>> Comrades, As you are aware that Circle Secretary has already written a letter to CGMT GJ in this regard. Today matter was discussed with Hon’ble CGMT, DGM (Vig.) and GMTD Mehsana to start action against the erring contractor immediately to avoid injustice to more than 80 Executives working in Mehsana / who earlier were at Mehsana. They have agreed to take action as requested in our communication. >>>>> Click here for the Letter written by Circle Secretary >>>>>>       

   17/11/2016...  >>>>> Letters written by General Secretary SNEA in respect of (1) Social Security scheme and (2) Replacing GSLI by Term Insurance for BSNL Recruited Employees. >>>>>
Comrades, As assured by us during the meetings at various places, in order to ensure that in case of unfortunate incident with any BSNL recruited Employees, a sizable amount reaches to nominee of the deceased, two separate schemes are suggested by SNEA to CMD BSNL.
>>>>> Click here for the Letter (1) Social Security Scheme Funded by BSNL Employee managed by BSNL        (2) Replacement of GSLI scheme by Term Insurance policy.       

   07/11/2016...  >>>>>>>LADE & LASDE order issued by CO-
(1) Earlier lastly issued LA-SDE order dated: 23/06/2016 is extended up to 15/12/2016
(2) Earlier lastly issued LA-AGM order dated: 20/05/2016,04/06/2016,28/06/2016,13/07/2016 are
extended up to 15/12/2016. Further Review order will be issued after Membership Re-verification.
>>>>>>>>Click here for extension order of LA-AGM        >>>>>>>>Click here for extension order of LA-SDE       

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