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Recent Order and Circular

   23/06/2016...  >>>>> Look After Orders in the cadre of SDE >>>>>
Circle office has issued look after orders in the cadre of SDE today. We were constantly pursuing the same with Circle Office.
>>>>> Click here For the Look After Orders in the cadre of SDE. >>>>>       

   23/06/2016...  >>>>> TTA to JTO LICE Notified by BSNL >>>>>
Comrades, BSNL has notified TTA to JTO LICE for the vacancies of year 2014-15. Exam will be held on 28/8/2016. SNEA was constantly pursuing the matter at BSNL HQ as well as during the visit of Hon’ble Director(HR) BSNL at Gujarat. All eligible TTAs should ensure that necessary formality is done as per the time schedule.
>>>>> Click Here for the Notification issued by BSNL. >>>>>       

   21/06/2016...  >>>>> Meeting with CGM (WTP) and Senior Officer of WTP in reference to Manhandling and Abducting of our Field Officers working in WTP.>>>>>

Yesterday CGM (WTP) was at Ahmedabad. SNEA hold protest demonstration in the lunch hour at Microwave Bldg Navrangpura. In the evening we met CGM (WTP) and other senior officers and discussed various irregularities done by L&T in executing NFS project. These irregularities are serious in nature and we have strongly and logically pursued all the matters / irregularities / problems faced by Field Executives and asked CGM (WTP) to take action as given below.

(1)To issue necessary show cause notice to L&T for violations of tender condition in executing the project. (2) Communication to L&T that responsibility of such incidence if happened in future will be of L&T. (3) Communication to Defence Ministry (PICG) to ensure that site Inspection is carried out along with Defence personnel, their security and Local police to avoid any such incidence in future. (4) Keep in abeyance the CGM instruction dated 14/3/2016 issued for 100 % verification / supervision by BSNL. As per tender condition L&T is responsible for 100 % supervision and measurement. (5) Communication to BSNL HQ asking clarification in regard to clause no 96.3 of tender. Comrades, We will keep pursuing the matter till the end.
>>>>> Click Here For the letter written by Circle Secretary on 20/6/2016. >>>>>       

   21/06/2016...  Comrades, As all of you are aware that since this unfortunate incident happened on 30/5/2016, SNEA made all efforts to ensure safety and security of field officers by carrying out Dharna Programme by our Circle Secretary MP at Bhopal, followed by Meeting by CHQ President and General Secretary along with other CHQ leaders with Addl Secretary DoT, CMD, DIR(HR&I/C of west Zone), Dir(NB). Highlighting connivance of CGM(WTP) and L&T by Circle Secretary Gujarat by various communications. This was followed by series of meetings continuously for one week with senior officers of GJ and WTP at Ahmedabad to ensure that a Complaint is lodged against the culprits. Complaint is already lodged by BSNL and necessary formalities also completed.

   21/06/2016...  >>>>> Letter Written by Circle Secretary TO Hon'ble CGMT Gujarat Circle highlighting various cadre issues.>>>>>
Comrades, Circle Secretary has written a letter to Hon'ble CGMT GJ circle for various HR issues i.e. Batch allotment for JTOs who will be qualifying in LICE from TTA to JTO, Refixation of Offg JTOs, Extension of reimbursement, facilities and incentives for sales team in CM wing Project Vijay,Pending Vigilance Clearance for regular Promotion from JTO to SDE, Look After Arrangement in the cadre of AO, Considering request of SDE(Electrical) and to Maintain parity & uniform implementation of BSNL-HQ letters dtd: 31.05.2016 & 10.06.2016 for all Executive Cadres.
>>>>> Click Here For the letter written by Circle Secretary. >>>>>       

   21/06/2016...  >>>>> Instruction dated 14/3/2016 kept in Abeyance by CGM(WTP) Mumbai. >>>>>
Comrades, As per the discussion we had with CGM (WTP) yesterday, one of our demand was to keep instruction dated 14/3/2016 in ABEYANCE. Today Sr. GM(WTP) Mumbai has issued the instruction to keep in abeyance instruction dated 14/3/2016 till further orders with a copy to SNEA GJ w r to our letter dated 21/4/2016.
>>>> Click Here (1) For the Abeyance Instruction issued by O/O CGM(WTP) >>>>>        (2) Letter written by Circle Secretary SNEA Gujarat on 21/4/2016.>>>>>       

   15/06/2016...  >>>>> Update on various Cadre and Interest of service Related Issues. >>>>>
Comrades, We met Senior officers at Circle Office last week and discussed following issues.
(1)>>>>> Look After orders from JAO to AO. >>>>> We requested Hon’ble GM (F) Gujarat Circle to consider look after arrangement from JAO to AO. We further requested to consider the same without any disturbance. She agreed to look into the matter as per the requirement of SSAs. We expect that orders will be issued shortly.

(2)>>>>> Matching Tariff Proposals >>>>> Matter was discussed and it was agreed by Circle Office that as different tariff structure are used by private operators, if SSA send their specific tariff for approval with details of other operators tariff, same can be matched to avoid disconnection. We request all District Secretaries and Circle Office Bearers to send the proposal from SSA to circle office.
(3)>>>>> Request Transfer in Electrical wing >>>>> We met Hon’ble Chief Engineer (Electrical) and requested him to consider maximum request transfer while posting SDEs posted from other circles to GJ Circle. He assured to look into the matter.

   08/06/2016...  >>>>> Meeting with Sr.GM TP – II Smt SAJLA GARG on 7/6/2016 at Ahmedabad >>>>>
Comrades, You are aware that SNEA has taken all required steps to ensure that safety and security of officers who were abducted and beaten. In this regard we met Sr. GM Madam Garg at Ahmedabad on 7/6/2016. We suggested her that FIR should be filed against M/s L&T by BSNL and now onwards sample check / Acceptance and testing along with Defence officers should be done with Police protection and Video Recording also should be done. We further suggested her that all above activity should be done at the expense of M/s L&T. She has assured all possible actions agreed to look into the suggestions given by us.
Further, we have taken up the matter with Hon’ble MOC, CVC, Secretary (T) DoT, Addl. Secretary DoT, CVO DoT, CMD BSNL,Director(HR&IC West Zone), Director(NB) and CVO BSNL against nexus of CGM(WTP) and M/s L&T for detail investigation and taking immediate action against culprits.
>>>>> Click here for the letter written for investigating Nexus of CGM(WTP) Mumbai and M/s L&T.>>>>>       

   08/06/2016...  >>>>> Comrades, we are very sorry to inform you all that Radheshyam Sharmaji, Father of our PGM Vadodara Shri Ramakant Sharma sir breathed his last today at about 02:00 Hrs. We pray to almighty that his soul rest in peace in Heavenly Abode and give courage to all family members to withstand this shock.

   03/06/2016...  >>>>>No Recovery from Pay of Offg JTOs >>>>> Comrades, SNEA has taken up the matter with BSNL to put in abeyance the order of recovery from pay of offg JTOs issued vide letter No 3-32/2013/Estt-IV dated 22/12/2015 based on the stay order issued by Hon PCAT, New Delhi. Today BSNL H/q has issued orders to stop the recovery from the pay of offg JTOs. >>>>> Click here for the Instruction of BSNL H/Q. >>>>>       

   02/06/2016...  >>>>> Abduction, Torturing and Manhandling of our WTP officers at Rajkot. >>>>>
Comrades, our officers of WTP Gujarat were abducted, tortured and manhandled by L&T team / workers for more than 10 hours on 31/5/2016. We immediately took up the matter with CGM WTP at Mumbai and DGM WTP at Ahmedabad on 1/6/2016. Our All India President and General Secretary at Delhi met Addl secretary DoT yesterday and will also meet CMD BSNL today to immediately intervene in the matter.
Today a meeting at Bhopal to review the NFS project is taking place. Our Circle Secretary MP Com. Datta Majumdar along with our SNEA MP comrades held demonstration against CGM WTP and met Addl Secretary DoT. He has assured strict action in this regard. He has submitted memorandum to Addl Secretary DoT also.
Rather the main issue of measurement in NFS work was already taken up by SNEA Gujarat with CGM WTP on 21/4/2016 itself.

Comrades, We further assure that strict actions against culprits are taken by BSNL Management and safety of officers is ensured.

We assure you all that SNEA will not tolerate any such activity by any contractor in any wing. If at all any such incident happens, pl bring it to our notice so that same can be escalated at appropriate level.
>>>>> Click here Click here for Letter written to CGM(WTP) on 21/4/2016 and 2/6/2016.>>>>>       

   23/05/2016...  <<<<< Look After Orders in the cadre of DE >>>>> Circle Office has issued Look after arrangement in the cadre of DE and issued LADE orders in the cadre of DE. >>>>>>>> Click here for the look after Orders in the cadre of DE> >>>>>       

   23/05/2016...  <<<<< Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Award - 2015 >>>>>
Congratulation to All Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Award - 2015 winner and extended best wishes to one & all for next Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Award - 2016.
Click here for Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Award - 2015       

   22/05/2016...  >>>>> Meeting with Hon’ble Director (HR) BSNL New-Delhi.>>>>> Comrades, we met Hon’ble Director (HR) BSNL on 13/5/2016, during her review meeting of West Zone circles. Hon'ble CGMT Gujarat Circle was also present. We discussed with her various cadre and Interest of Service related issues. In cadre related we requested her that during recruitment of JTOs it should be ensured that vacancies of Circles where Rule 8 from GUJ is pending, equal number of vacancies should be transferred to GJ circle. This is required to ensure that all (260+) rule 8 transfers from GJ to other circle can be considered. Hon’ble CGM also agreed on our suggestion.
Regarding Interest of Service related issues we requested her to consider Rs.99/- add on plan for all LL calls free to all network to all BB customers above say Rs. 700/- plan. Further we requested her to allow free calls to all networks (Removing On Net and Off Net Confusion) as per the rental of LL.
>>>>> Click here for (1) Memorandum given for cadre related issues        >>>>> (2) Memorandum given for Interest of Service related issues.>>>>>       

   20/05/2016...  >>>>> Own Cost Request and long stay Transfer orders in Electrical Wing for the cadre of SDE and JTO.>>>>
Comrades, Own Cost request and long stay transfer orders are issued by Electrical Wing for the cadre of SDE and JTO in line of our last correspondence made on Dated 24-02-2016 & 18-04-2016. We are very thankfull to Resp. CE(Ele.) and his team. We will further pursue for pending request transfer orders of JTOs/SDEs.
Click here for the Order Page-1        Click here for the Order Page-2       

   18/05/2016...  >>>>> Relay Hunger Strike Deferred >>>>>
Congratulations to all: Based on the concrete assurances from CMD, BSNL and DIR(HR) that all the pending HR issues will be resolved in a time bound manner, Association decided to defer the Relay Hunger strike from 18/5/2016. Details are available on our CHQ website.
There are no words to congratulate all the Executives, especiaaly our SNEA comrades who stood solidly behind the issues and struggled shoulder to shoulder. Hats off to them.
Congratulations to all the SSA/Branch secretaries and office bearers and activists at different level for their effective leadership to make the struggle a grand success.

   16/05/2016...  >>>>> Request Transfer in Accounts and Finance Wing. >>>>> Comrades, Circle Office has issued request transfer orders in the cadre of AO and JAO. Comrade we have taken up the matter vide our Letter No: SNEA/Guj/15-16/04a16 dated: 18 /04 /2016(Cadre Related) and Letter No:SNEA/Guj/15-16/02a16 dated: 24/02 /2016(Cadre Related) with Hon’ble CGMT and PGM(F) Gujarat circle. We are thankful to PGM(F) and their entire team for timely issuance of request transfer orders. >>>>> Click here for (1) Request transfer and Interest of service orders in the cadre of AO. >>>>>        (2) Click here for Request transfer and Interest of service orders in the cadre of JAO. >>>>>       

   16/05/2016...  >>>>> Time Bound Promotion Orders from E4-E5 Grade >>>>> Comrades, Circle Office has issued TBP orders for 42 Executives from E4 to E5 grade. >>>>> Click here for copy of the order. >>>>>       

   12/05/2016...  >>>>> Congratulations Comrades, Successful Dharna Done on 11/5/2016.>>>>>
Comrades, We congratulate one and all for making Dharna Programme on 11/5/2016 a Total Success.

We believe that Genuine HR issues raised by SNEA has drawn the attention of Management and today administrative approval is given by the competent authority to implement E2, E3 pay scales replacing E1A and E2A. This is the direct impact of agitation conducted by us.
Comrades, History of SNEA is up-liftment of cadre prospects and We will continue to strengthen our unity for the cause of Cadre prospects of all Executive Cadres in the days to come.
>>>>> Click Here for the Letter Issued by BSNL Management fixing Target Dates for various Demands of Executive Cadres. >>>>>       

   10/05/2016...  >>>>> Full Day Dharna on 11/5/2016 at Circle / SSA Head Quarter >>>>>
Comrades, As per CHQ call, Full Day Dharna and Lunch / closing hour demonstration is to be held at Circle / SSA head quarters on 11/5/2016 . All District Secretaries and Circle Office Bearers should ensure that Dharna Programme is 100 % successful.

Poster highlighting demands and programme of action is available on our CHQ website Pl get it printed and highlight during Dharna Programme.

Comrades we would like to high light that, being a member of Joint Committee and having signed the recommendation on Standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A for JTOs and SDEs, it was known to all constituent Associations that SDE and Sr. SDE will remain in E3 pay scale for 10 years because SDE in E2A scale is getting upgraded to E3 scale, 5 years in advance. That is why provision is made in recommendation that necessary provision/changes in EPP should be made to give one increment after five years for TBP from SDE to Sr. SDE Grade.

History of SNEA is up-liftment of cadre prospects. Implementation of standard pay scales i.e. E2 for JTO will immediately benefit JTOs who are going to be recruited in near future by BSNL through LICE(TTA to JTO) and Outside Recruitment.
>>>>> Click here for the Notice of Trade Union Action Given by General Secretary. >>>>>       

   03/05/2016...  >>>>> Vigilance Clearance of JTOs for Regular promotion from JTO to SDE >>>>>
Comrades, BSNL H/Q has asked for vigilance clearance of JTOs for regular promotion from JTO to SDE. Circle Office has written all SSA heads vide letter dated 18/4/2016. Till date VC is received from HMN, JND, AMR, SEN and BVN SSAs only. All District Secretaries and Circle Office bearers of remaining SSAs should ensure that VC of JTOs working in their SSA reaches to Circle Office latest by 8/5/2016.
>>>>> Click Here for Letter from Circle Office and List 1 >>>>>>        Click here for List 2. >>>>>        Click here for List 3. >>>>>       

   03/05/2016...  >>>>> Trade Union Action (Full day Dharna) as per CHQ Call on 11/5/2016 >>>>> Comrades, As you are aware that CHQ has served Trade Union Notice to BSNL Management.

1st Trade Union Programme is to be held on 11/5/2016. Full Day Dharna is to be held at all SSA Head Quarters. All District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers should ensure that maximum participation takes place in Dharna. Further during Lunch / Closing hour demonstration is held and it should be ensured that all Members participate at SSA Head Quarter.
To make Dharna Programme a 100% success, Group meetings should be held at SDCA levels, Mouth to mouth publicity by calling, by sending SMS and all other possible means should be explored. Charter of Demands are as given below.

1. Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on:
a)Standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A,
b)Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy,
c)Uniform TBP between 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

2. 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees.

3. Officiating pay fixation, pay protection – withdrawal of wrong clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010.

4. Promotions in different wings from JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to DE/EE, AAO to CAO and DE to DGM.

5. Membership verification among Executives Associations by addressing the issues raised. Restoration of trade union facilities and deduction of subscription from Salary till membership verification is conducted.

6. First Time Bound Promotion after 4 years from Lateral JTO and Sr SDE grades as done in the case of AAO and Sr AO grades.

7. Notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect wings w.e.f 01.10.2000.

   28/04/2016...  Comrades, we are sorry to inform you that JTO-MANGROLL and our active comrade at Surat Shri RAJESH from A.P. EXPIRED IN ACCIDENT at MANGROLL on 27-04-2016.
We pray almighty that his soul rest in peace in heavenly abode. We also pray to GOD to give sufficient strength to his family members to withstand this untimely shock.

   25/04/2016...  >>>>> Advance for Indoor Medical Treatment in Recognized Hospital >>>>>

Comrades, we have received representations from Vadodara, Bharuch SSAs that Advance for Indoor Medical treatment is sanctioned only after visit of BSNL officer and attaching certificate thereof.

We took up the matter with Circle Office and concerned officers in these SSAs are told that for non-planned / planned indoor medical treatment prior visit and certificate is not required for sanction of Medical Advance.

All District Secretaries and circle office bearers should bring into the notice of all concerned and in case of any issue in this matter same should be represented to CAO(F) Gujarat Circle through Account Officer and copy to Com. Rakesh Mehta / Com. B G Patel for further pursuance.

   23/04/2016...  >>>>> Circle Secretary Writes to Hon'ble CGMT Gujarat Circle >>>>>
Circle Secretary has written a letter to Hon'ble CGMT Gujarat Circle on HR related issues of Executives working in Gujarat Circle.
>>>>> Click here for the letter written by Circle Secretary. >>>>>       

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