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Recent Order and Circular

   15/07/2019...   Since formation of new Government, our team of SNEA, Gujarat have once again started drive for approaching various MOS and MPs newly elected from Gujarat, through them effectively representing our issues pertaining to Revival of BSNL to Hon' ble, PMO, MOC (Com & IT), MOC (HIPE).
In this regard recently we along with our team of Surat, Com. Manoj Patil (DS), Com. Raijiwala (DP), Com. Gaurang Shah (DT) had meeting with,
(1) Hon'ble MP (Surat ), Smt. Darshanaben Jardosh.
(2) Hon'ble MP (Navsari), Shri C R Patilji.
They both assured us to take up our all issues to appropriate platform and concerned in Government.
<<<<<<<< Click for Photos of handing over of our Representation Letters to both of them >>>>>>>>        <<<<<<<< Photos-2 >>>>>>>>        <<<<<<<< Photos-3 >>>>>>>>        <<<<<<<< Photos-4 >>>>>>>>        <<<<<<<< Photos-5 >>>>>>>>        <<<<<<<< Photos-6 >>>>>>>>       

   09/07/2019...  <<<<<<<< Update on our recent Persuasion at Circle Office on various issue. >>>>>>
All DS, DP, COB, DSOB Plz. widely mobilize it amongst all through local SSAs Whatsapp groups
We have discussed with Hon'ble CGM Sir, various important issues related to field work & BSNL interest to be taken care for betterment of services and day to day maintenance activities are as listed below.
(1) Persuaded for reviewing enhancement of Vehicles for needy areas like OFC & CM Mtce.(BTS Fault/ Drive Test etc.), Rural mtce. & OSR etc.
Accordingly earlier issued instructions, going to implement OLA –Operations, Circle Office activated today all user sent by their SSAs but many SSA having Non OLA service area for that discussed, because in these SSAs field work is suffering as rented vehicles are discontinued/disallowed/decreased since 1st July.
All are requested to initiate for required vehicle for day to day Mtce. which not meet by Ola service & non Ola service area with proper justification through proper channel to Circle Office. Association is persuading in this matter to Circle Office & BSNL HQ .
(2) Discussed & persuaded for reviewing for MIS policy as per actual working No.s staff & work load of all different wings, so that staff can be reviewed & redeployed for growing & needy areas like, OFC, FTTH,CM, EB, Mrtg SSAs.
(3) Also discussed for arrange & allotment of fund as per priority for Payments of Electricity bill and rent based on revenue importance critical / super critical BTS , Exchg of all SSAs . So these commercially important & revenue generating services should not suffer.
(4) Briefed & highlighted issues of some SSAs where Senior Officers are over torturing field Executives despite they are maintaining the services with their as much as possible devotion & by consuming thousands of Rupees from their own pockets which is not getting reimbursed since last more than six months.
(5) Persuaded for updating Records of all Lands & Building locations of all SSAs along with present status of ownership. And all Disputed, Leased & unutilised high valued Land, Building & Colonies are to be reported to BSNL - CO, for monetization, so that atleast BSNL is benefited. Otherwise over the period such property will be detained by State / Central Govt. Or by DOT.
For all these issues we had been responded to look it positively.
Click here for How to Activate Ola Service       

   02/07/2019...  It is worth to mention that since formation of new Government team of SNEA, Gujarat have again conducted drive for approaching various MOS and MPs elected from Gujarat, for effectively representing our issues pertain Revival of BSNL, by them to Hon'ble, PMO, MOC (Com & IT), MOC (HIPE).

In this regard recently we met to,

(1) Hon'ble MOS (Agriculture), Shri Pursottam Rupalaji.

(2) Hon'ble, Ex, MOS & MP (Dahod), Shri J S Bhabhorji.

(3) Hon'ble MP (Anand), Shri Mitesh Patel.

They all assure us to write, our all issues to all concerned in Government.
<<<<<<<< Click here for Photos >>>>>>>>       

   27/06/2019...  <<<<< Update regarding our continues persuasion to Hon'ble PMO for Revival of BSNL>>>>>

(1) Earlier prior to general elections from Gujarat twice time we approached to Hon' ble, PMO for revival of BSNL. In this regards both the times we got replied from O/o Hon'ble PMO, but it was not enough for assuring us on BSNL revival Plan of Government and limited to certain issues.

(2) Hence again after formation of New Government we approached Hon'ble PMO for revival of BSNL most urgently with updating, latest inputs & status of the issues & with citation of Various committee & IIM recommendations.

(3) in this connection yesterday we got call from the office staff of Hon'ble Secretary DOT, that they received copy of our letter from Hon'ble PMO but it was incomplete so they ask us to sent it again to DOT immediately.

Accordingly we sent it and they got it.

Afterward while conforming same with them, on our inquiry they inform that, your letter received by O/o PMO, was sent to DOT for study & submitting their comments while discussion during meeting scheduled at O/o PMO.

In this regard on our further inquiry today evening we got feed back that meeting was held yesterday at O/o PMO.

And discussion took place keeping in center of the recommendations of various committee reports , IIM reports & presentation prepared by BSNL . It was pertain to 4G, land parcels, loan, reduction of staff by certain policy decision etc. And before finalization again it will be discussed amongst higher level very shortly.

We will still continue our Persuasion through various recourse with office of PMO, MOC (Com) & MOC (HIPE) till BSNL revival will be effectively implemented in totality. we are hopeful for the same.
>>>>>>>> Click for copy of our Letter to Hon'ble PMO       

   27/06/2019...  <<<< Persuaded through Hon'ble MP - Amreli of Gujarat >>>>>
Government reply on question of our Hon'ble MP - Amreli of Gujarat, Shri Narayanbhai in Loksabha on 26.06.2019 regarding implementation of Recommendations of IIM -Ahmedabad report for revival of BSNL, MTNL.

In which it is replied to implement it.

Accordingly through our resources, we will still continue to pursue it for its implementation in totality as well as at earliest.

We congratulate Com. Jignesh Radadiya, Com. J C Patel, Com. Suvagiyaji of Amreli for this initiation as per our Guidance and persuasion.
>>>>>>>> Click for Government reply in LS for implementation of BSNL, MTNL revival as per IIM - Report       

   27/06/2019...  BSNL - CO, issued letter on dtd : 26.06.2019. regarding monetizing of vacant land & Building addressed to all CGMs for n / a in line of instruction from DOT as a part of Revival of BSNL.

We will immediate pursue it with CGMT office & GM (L & B) for n / a, as per guideline of letter.

>>>>>>>> Click for BSNL - CO, Letter for action on vacant land & building.       

   26/06/2019...  @@@@ Update on our meeting with Hon'ble MP. accordingly all DS, DP, COB, DSOB, Plz. mobilise in all local Whatsapp groups & amongst all @@@@.

Before 1 week we had courtesy meeting with Shri Mansukhbhai Vasava, Hon'ble Ex. MOS & seating MP from Bharuch. During that we explain him about the detoriating situation of BSNL with request to brought it to the notice of Hon'ble MOC & all concerned in Goverment for Implimenting the BSNL rivival plan at an earliest.

During that time he asked us to submite issues & remedial suggestions in writing and to give him.

So yesterday while going to Delhi again he called us to meet him with our issues in written.

Accordingly we meet him & submited issues to him.

He assured us that he will convey it to Hon'ble MOC (Com) & Hon'ble MOC (HIPE), by personaly meeting them.

With Regard,
Govind Sharma, SNEA, Gujarat, website coordinator, JTO, NIB, Vadodara.
Click here PHOTOS        Photo 1        photo 2        photo 3       

   25/06/2019...  BSNL launched very attractive & affordable plan for those users who are interested more for voice & minimum for data.

* Plan of Rs 999/- for 365 days.

* with free unlimited voice calls Local / STD on any network.

* with free 3600 SMS.

* with free 12GB gross data.

Plz. Mobilize and popularize widely amongst all concerned.👆
Click here BSNL Launched the Unlimited Plan for 1Yrs or 365 days       

   06/06/2019...  <<<<< Economy Measures>>>>>

Transfer/posting of officers/BSNL Employees from one place to another or From Urban to Rural area and vice versa -instructions thereof issued by CO.
Click here for copy of Instruction Transfer/posting of officers in Urban & Rural areas       

   30/05/2019...  <<<<< Empanelled Hospital & Staff Welfare Board Members >>>>>

Dear Comrades,
Circle Office has published -
(1) Latest Empanelled Hospital List May-2019
(2) Formation of BSNL Gujarat Staff Welfare Board for the term of two years wef 01-04-2019 to 31-03-2021. One of member is Shri Govind Sharma JTO NIB Vadodara nominated from SNEA Guj.
(1) Click for Copy of Empanelled Hospital List        (2) Click for copy of Formation of BSNL Gujarat Welfare Board       

   23/05/2019...  <<<<< Circle Office Issued LA DE Order>>>>>

Circle Office has issued LADE order
Click here for Copy of LADE order       

   17/05/2019...  <<<<< All DSs, DPs, COBs, DSOBs requested to wide spread our bellow mentioned actions and related updates on going at Circle Office i.e. Circle level HR issues concern to all cadre >>>>>

(I) Due to our efforts

(A) Rule 8 Transfer of 49 JTOs are considered. For that we met Hon'ble CGMT GJ circle and requested him. We also wrote letter for issuing the order also.

(B) Further we will pursue to relieve them as early as possible.

(II) Further we are also pursuing left out INTRA
Circle pending request transfer.

Our persuasion is continue for consideration of pending own cost request cases which are due in June - July -2019, along with pending genuine cases for various cadres of Telecom, Finance, Electrical & WTR.

(III) We are still pursuing for consideration of LA - AGMs for SSAs where there is shortage in AGM cader, as well as for consideration of LA - DGMs against retirement till regular DGMs order issued from BSNL - CO.

   16/05/2019...  <<<< JTO-R8 Transfer Order Issued >>>>

Today CO has issued JTO Rule-8 Transfer Order.
Association has discussed and requested regarding consideration of JTO-R8 cases and written letter as Letter No- SNEA/Guj/19-20/05d19 dated:09/05/2019.

We are very thankful to Hon'ble CGMT, Resp. GM(HR & Admn) & their team.
Click here for JTO Rule-8 Transfer Order       

   14/05/2019...  <<<< Regarding JTO-R8 cases >>>> Association discussed and requested regarding consideration of JTO-R8 cases as much as possible at an earliest. We have responded positively in this regard. <<<< Click for copy of the letter written to Hon’ble CGMT -Gujarat. Click here       

   14/05/2019...  <<<<< HR and IS related issues pertain to Account and Finance >>>>> Association met requested and communicated to Hon’ble CGMT, Gujarat and Respected PGM (Finance) for considering HR – issues of various Executive Cadre of Account and finance pertain to own cost, JAO –R8-R9 as per wait list and for considering earlier pending cases of JAOs for review and N/A. As well as taken up various interests of service related issues of ERP and CDR pertain to finance.

(1) <<<<<<<< Click for copy of the letter written to Respected PGM (fin) O /o CGMT -Gujarat regarding HR issues of finance.
(2) <<<<<<<< Click for copy of the letter written to Respected PGM (fin) O /o CGMT -Gujarat regarding interests of service related issues of ERP and CDR pertain to finance.
Click here 1. HR and IS related issues        Click here 2. for service related issues of ERP and CDR pertain to finance       

   27/04/2019...  <<<<< As per our yesterday persuasion at Circle level & update on HR issues, accordingly all DS, DP, COB, DSOB do mobilise amongst all concerned >>>>>

(1) Circle Office has issued long waiting pending own cost request transfer order. The matter has persuaded continuously with Hon'ble CGMT & Resp. GM (HR & ADMN).

(2) Pursued for AGM to DGM promotions VC called for 81 + 17= 98 cases by BSNL - CO, will be sent by Circle till today evening or up to tomorrow noon at BSNL - CO.

(3) Pursued for upgradtion of all eligible TBP cases which are due up to June - 2019 for various slots. Accordingly for E1 to E2: 6 cases, E3 to E4: 5 cases, E2-E3: 42 cases, E4 to E5: 92 cases, E5 to E6: 102 cases are in progress.
Click here for Details Transfer Order - JTO/SDE/DE       

   28/03/2019...  <<<<<< Action to be initiated against Mobile Franchise >>>>>
CS has written letter to Hon'ble CGMT, Guj. and Copy given to Resp. PGM Vadodara & Resp. PGM (Finance), CO that action to be initiated against Mobile Franchise Reliance Association & sister firm A R Communication regarding CTOP huge balance received repeatedly without payment.

Click here for Letter to Hon'ble CGMT, Guj. against Mobile Franchise       

   25/03/2019...  Circle office has Published Waiting List of Intra circle Transfer Request of Accounts & Finance Executives as on 20-03-2019.

   15/03/2019...  <<<<< Meeting with Manuskh bhai Hon'ble MOS (Highway & Road Transport ) on Dtd.10-03-2019>>>>>
Association met Shri Mansukh bhai, Hon'ble MOS (Highway & Road Transport ) on his Residence at Gandhinagar. As per our phonic talk prior to our meeting, he told to bring all important issues of BSNL & HR in written.
Accordingly, we represented letter addressed to Hon'ble PM, with copy to his good self, which we discussed & submitted to him to forward it to Hon'ble PM, & Hon'ble MOS (IT).
Mainly we conveyed him to implement the positive recommendations contained in (1) Reports of IIM – Ahmedabad to ensure revival of BSNL with resolve our long pending HR issues, (2) Parliamentary Committees of IT & PSU and (3) In 2000 during BSNL to DOT, GOM decision with true spiritedly.
All our points he listened patiently and assured to bring it to the notice of all concerned.
We have already wrote & on line registered this letter to Hon'ble PMO in PMOPG & PMOSFB menu.
Meeting photos & Letter wrote to PMO attached h/w.
Click here for Letter        Click here for Photos       

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