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Recent Order and Circular

   11/01/2019...  <<<<<<<< Interim Draft Report submitted by IIM Ahmadabad Appointed by DoT for revival of BSN>>>>>>>>

As we all are aware that a Committee of IIM - Ahmadabad which is well known for its high standard of reputation is appointed by DOT for revival of BSNL. In this regard they started their first feedback session from Gujarat Circle by inviting all stake holders i.e. Administration and representative of all Unions and Associations , as a part of that SNEA –Gujarat was also invited by giving sufficient time slot for represent feedback and suggestions / views.
Accordingly we submitted detail representation to them along with discussion. Now recently draft of interim report is being submitted to DOT.
We congratulate IIM A team for doing detailed Analysis of existing Scenario in Telecom Sector, Need of revival and existence of BSNL in overall interest of the Nation as well as Customers.
We also extend our sincere and heartfelt Thanks to Team IIM – Ahmadabad, That whichever most of the real factuality conveyed, submitted discussed and pleaded in SNEA –Gujarat written correspondence to them is true spiritedly they felt genuine as a neutral agency and it is reflecting in their report.
Subsequent to that with same correspondence and suggestions we have continuously approached various prominent leaders of Ruling and opposition parties such as Union Ministers, Members of and Chairman of Parliamentary standing committee of IT, and MPs in Gujarat and still our drive is continue by again approaching them at Delhi as a follow up action and trying our level best to convince them about revival of BSNL.
>>>>>> Pl Click here for the Draft Report submitted by IIM A Team to DoT. >>>>>        >>>>>> Pl Click here for the correspondence submitted by SNEA – Gujarat to IIM – Ahmadabad.        >>>>>> Pl Click here for the correspondence submitted by SNEA – Gujarat to Hon’ble PMO with Copy to Hon’ble MOS (IT), New Delhi. >>>>>       

!!!!!!!!! Most urgent All DS , DP, COB, DSOB !!!!!!!!!.
As per of information on our CHQ - Web, all DSs must ensure that, plz. ask the JTOs of your SSAs who are in wait list of Rule-8 transfer ( Recruitment year 2007 & 2008), and interested trasfer while SDE Promotions and not applied, they all concerned may apply address to Sr. GM (Pers), BSNL -CO, through proper channel with copy to our CS & DS.

Accordingly all concerned individual who are yet to apply from this R-8 list may directly or Our through DS send the Scan copy of application to Com. Chawadaji on : & inform him by Call / SMS / WhatsApp, on his M : 9427603999.

Also ask Concerned JTOs to co-ordinate with Com.Imran, JTO - VAD on M: 09428514333.

Note : Those who have applied & given copy may tally / check with Com. Imran or Com. Chawada they need not to send again Plz.
Click here for Rule 8 List       

Com.M.R.Patel JTO - Bharuch, Pass away yesterday night. He was our strong supporter since he was activist of FNTO as TTA. And after becoming JTO he was our hard core member and activist. We surely feel his absence.

Our Prayer to God that his departed soul will rest to peace & his all family & all nearer will get strength to with stand the unbearable loss.

Once again on behalf of entire SNEA we Convey our sincere condolence to bereaved family.

   27/12/2018...  >>>>> Representation made by SNEA GJ circle to the O/o, Hon’ble PMO, New Delhi >>>>>>>>>

It is known to us that presently entire telecom sector and specifically our BSNL is passing through very critical & crucial time up to extent of the question on the future & survival of BSNL along with entire employee’s fraternity.
Thus looking to the gravity of the issue, being recognized Association time and again we are always doing our efforts to draw the attention of concerned authorities of Government, DOT and BSNL for taking various policy decisions at an earliest pertain to uplift & revival of BSNL and our entire fraternity of Executive and Non Executive, apart from our trade union actions.
In this connection Government of India and DOT have appointed, IIM-Ahmedabad as a consultant for case study and it is going to submit the report very shortly. Considering this opportunity also, in the month of October-2018 we have discussed and submitted our various suggestions / views based on the feedback from our fields. Same we briefed to our CHQ too.
Subsequent to that we have directly submitted our correspondence to the O/o Hon’ble PMO, New Delhi through on line portal. Now we have learnt that, Government is also working on it and both the Parliament Sessions are going on till 8th January-2019. So once again considering this opportunity, in Gujarat we have approached / visited almost Seven, Hon’ble MOS and MPs (Loksabha & Rajysabha) who are also members of various important parliamentary committees and submitted them, the same correspondence with request to forward it to the O/o the Hon’ble PMO and MOS (IT), for considering positively.
(1)Click here for Representation made by SNEA GJ circle to the O/o, Hon’ble PMO, New Delhi >>>>>>>>> .        (2) Click here for Photos , representing the correspondence to Hon’ble MOS and MPs (Loksabha & Rajysabha), to forward it to the O/o the Hon’ble PMO and MOS (IT) >>>>>>>>> .       

   20/12/2018...  >>>>> Comrade, we are very sorry to inform you that Com. J.I.Shah AGM(BI), ATD, Ahmedabad breathed his last on 19/12/2018 on duty due to severe cardiac arrest . We pray to almighty GOD that his soul rest in peace in heavenly abode and give sufficient courage to his family members to withstand this untimely shock.

Besna will be held on 23/12/2018 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at Damayanti park Common plot, Nr Viththal Nagar, B/H Civil hospital, Ahmedabad.

   12/12/2018...  ATTENTION >>>>> ATTENTION &>>>>>>>>>> Executive Diary 2019 &>>>>>
As per tradition of our Association since last 21 years on no loss no profit base this year also Our
SNEA-Gujarat is publishing Executive Diary 2019. In line of, instruction
(1) BSNL-HQ, Ltr. No: 6-1/2018-Admn-II, dtd: 20.11.2018, And same Endorsed by O/o CGMT-Gujarat dtd: 07/12/2018.
(2) Instruction issued by O/o CGMT-Gujarat Genl/Exe/Eng.Diary/2017-18/10 dated 16.01.2018,
Regarding PO is to be issued by all concerned SSA / Unit for No. of Diaries to concerned
Association as per deduction of subscription.

In this regard Our SNEA quotation is attached bellow. Hence all our District Secretaries are requested to down load same and submit to concern Authority of District. Subsequently pursue and at an earliest & ensure about the tentative numbers of diary required for the SSA. Accordingly Intimate the tentative No.s of Diaries may order to Com. S.P.Chwada our Circle Treasurer by SMS / Personal WhatsApp / email up to 20/12/2018, to avoid delay in schedule of delivery.
(1) Click here for Quotation of Diary - 2019        (2) Click here for Corporate Office Letter for Diary dtd. 20.11.2018 & endorsed by Circle Office on 07.12.2018        (3) Click here for Circle-ltr-for number of Diary- as per Subscription-16.01.2018       

   10/12/2018...  >>>>>As per discussion with ERP Core team regarding Pop up in ESS Portal regarding Voluntary Group Term Insurance.>>>>>

It was Informed that:

1. Pop up screen for submission of option by executives for voluntary Group Term Insurance Scheme is now enabled. Last date for submission of option is 20.12.2018.

2. Pop up screen has been kept mandatory as per instructions from BSNLCO,ND ,So that BSNLCO ,ND can get the Count of Executives willing to Opt for Voluntary GTI for further finalizing GTI/Premium rates agreement with LIC.

3. Executives has to select either Agree (Or) Disagree option as per their Requirement as it is a Voluntary scheme and based on Terms & Conditions.

4. Executives has to submit the GTI Printout duly signed to concerned SSA DDO/AO(Drawal) for deduction in salary.

5. Print out of submitted application also available under below link in addition to pop up screen:
ESS Login - Employee Self-Service - Pay Information - Voluntary GTI - Print GTI (at the bottom of page)

6. If any Executive Mistakenly submitted wrong option (agree/disagree).Then they can submit letter to Concerned SSA DDO/AO(Drawal) for cancellation of the same in SAP.Access to modify /cancel in ERP the same will be given to DDOs of SSA and will be informed by ERP Core team later.

   10/12/2018...  >>>>>Gujarat Circle welfare >>>>>

Gujarat Circle welfare board meeting held on Dtd.07-12-2018 in conference Hall,Tell.Bhavan. It was attended by Com. Vishal Porval nominated by SNEA. As per the guidance of Circle Secretary he took part in discussion on various issues. following are the updated on various issues.

1. On retirement amount increase from 2000 to 3000
2. On death 40,000 to 50,000
3. R DOT connection life certificate we have suggested C.O. will certify .DE sign. not required.Order will be issued after necessary action.
4. Makarsankranti, Ganeshchaturthi,Shivratri will be TH.
5. After death of working employee family pension paper procedure will be make easier.

   02/12/2018...  !!!!!!!! Most important All DS, DP, COB, DSOB for Tomorrow Stike Plz!!!!!!!!!

Dear comrades, As per call given by AUAB, indifinite strike will start from 03/12/2018. Comrades, as we all are aware that this is Do or Die situation for BSNL as well as our Employees. We all should make the strike a historical sucess for future of BSNL as well as implementation of 3 rd PRC. Let us forget our local , individual & internal issues if any for betterment of our beloved company and safeguard future of our family.
Click here for Letter of Demand by AUAB       

   24/11/2018...  <<<<< Meeting with Director (CFA) Hon'ble Shri Vivek Banzel sir >>>>>
During visit of of Director (CFA) shri Vivek Benzel sir to GJ on 22/11/2018 we met him and apprised him of various issues related to CFA wing.
Click here for the letter written to Director (CFA)       

   19/11/2018...  <<<<< Meeting with Committee Members from IIM Ahmedabad Appointed by DoT for revival of BSNL >>>>>

A Committee is appointed by DoT for revival of BSNL. Committee Members are from IIM Ahmedabad. We were called by them for suggesting our views. Detailed discussion took place and they have appreciated our views also. We submitted detail representation to them. They have assured that after going through our views again they will call us for discussion.
Click here for Representation made by SNEA GJ circle to IIM Ahmedabad Team.>>>>>       

   13/11/2018...  >>>>>>> Rally to be organised at All SSA HQs as per call given by AUAB >>>>>>

As per call given by AUAB, rally is to be organised at all SSA Hqs on 14/11/2018. All DSs and DPs , circle office bearers and District office bearers should coordinate with other Union and Associations (AUAB leaders) in the SSA and make rally from one nearby place and reach to SSA hq and submit memorandum to SSA head about our demands and make rally a grand success.
Click here for Details of Demands of AUAB       

   08/10/2018...  <<<<< Visit of Hon’ble Director (HR) >>>>>

During Visit of Hon’ble Director (HR), Smt. Sujata T Ray our SNEA - Gujarat took an opportunity to meet her good self and we have represented and discussed for resolving various HR pertain Issues pertain to BSNL And DOT.

(1) In this regard, >>>>>>>>> Click for the issues represented to resolve within discretion and pertain to BSNL management.        (2) In this regard, >>>>>>>>> Click for the issues represented for pursuing with DOT to resolve which are within discretion and pertain to DOT management.       

   01/10/2018...  !!!!! ADVANTAGE OF SIM FWP (FIX WIRELESS PHONE) IN RETAINING CUSTOMERS, All DS, DP, COB, DSOB mobilize bellow amongst all concern !!!!!

In BSNL Presently available “Teracom” brand FWP (Fix Wire Phone) Instrument can be used for valuable customers e.g. (1) For migration of CDMA Customers etc. with facility of retaining same CDMA no. for I / C calls on new BSNL SIM by the ASEEM facility & technology available with BSNL only with six month charge of Rs. 99 / --(Excluding GST), i.e. Appx. Rs. 15/- Per month. (2) Where our landline is TNF. (3) To retain our customers where they are facing repeated fault due to U/G cable is weak. (4) For Senior citizens it is more comfortable & convenient to instead of Mobile handset. So these all may be approached.

>>>>>>>Click for the detail Advantage, feature, it’s Battery Cell & charger specifications and cost.        >>>>>>>Click for the detail SSA wise Closed CDMA Customer List        >>>>>>>Click for the Various CDMA Circulars       

   29/09/2018...  !!!!! Very Attractive, BSNL Offer as per our Suggestion approved by BSNL - CO. !!!!!

> With effect from 1st October -2018, BSNL ,Day.

> At no extra cost " Amazone " pack of worth Rs. 999 / - per year for our all existing & new Broad Band ( Above Rs 745 /-) & Mobile Post Paid (Above Rs 399/-). Customers.

> At no extra cost customer will enjoy Latest movies, song , faster on line shopping & delivery from Amazone.

> It will be activated by link available on our Portal,

> It is worth to mention that, it was suggested by our Association & forwarded & Recommended by Respected PGMTD , Vadodara & Then by Respected CGMT - Gujarat to BSNL - CO & further it was pursued by Com. A A Khan.

> Now let's explore it to retain & grow our BB / FTTH , Mobile Postpaid Connection. Also it will be very useful to counter Jio - Fiber.
Click here for Advisory Note For Circle        Click here for Amazone Prime Launch Letter       

   28/09/2018...  !!!!! Ist Time Bound Promotion Order !!!!!

Circle Office issued Ist Time Bound Promotion to the cadre of JTO. We are very thankful to HR & Admn section of Circle Office.
Click here for order of 1st Time Bound Promotion       

   25/09/2018...  !!!!! For Kind Attention of ALL EXECUTIVES WORKING IN GJ CIRCLE. !!!!!
Comrades, Two Projects are funded by DoT i.e. OLT installation at BSNL Exchanges and Wi Fi Installation at Rural Exchanges are giving handsome revenue to BSNL every year.
For OLT installed at BSNL Exchanges, it is giving Rs. 3 Lakh Twenty Thousand(Rs.3,20,000/-) Infrastructure charges per annum per OLT by BBNL to BSNL. Bills are being centrally raised by Circle Office. Till date we have raised bill of Rs.8 crores from GJ circle out of which 3 Cr is recd also.
For Wi Fi Hot spot installations at Rural Exchanges , in addition to the Cost of Equipment installed we are getting 10% Centage( Profit on that cost) + every year Approx. 65000/- charges for bandwidth and infra charges. Till Date GJ circle has recd 13.75 Cr adhoc amount from USOF which we have to adjust against the claims raised to CCA GJ. Claims are also raised centrally by Circle Office.

Further as per the discussion we had with Circle Office, Now in 3rd phase of Wi Fi, all Rural Exchanges of GJ one wi fi HS will be installed. Equipments are expected by end of October and we have to commission those equipments by Nov 2018. Meaning to say, in addition to the existing revenue, all Rural Exchanges will earn Rs. approx. 65000/- per annum which definitely will take care for Electricity Charges as well as Proper Upkeep charges of Rural Exchanges

So Comrades, we request one and all that, In addition to the day to day work being done by us in the field, we also should concentrate on proper up keep and mtce of infrastructure of BBNL OLT and Wi Fi equipments also including Fiber connectivity.

   16/08/2018...  <<<<<< CS wrote Letter to Hon'ble PGM Finance Regarding violation of Policy during JAO / AO Transfer. >>>>>>> Click here for Letter written by CS       

   09/08/2018...  !!!!!!!! All DS, DP, COB, DSOB mobilize bellow issues amongst all concern !!!!!!!!!

(1) Looking to Entry of Jio fiber in FTTH / broadband with TV chanel, Vidio on Demand etc. Our Association is keenly Pursuing at Circle and CHQ & thereby with BSNL - CO, That BSNL must Proactively declare & launch such comparative plans such as In our existing FTTH / BB Plan it self ( Not any New Plans) Let's Propose as additional facility / additionan service e. g. in existing on & above 775 Plans offers with Amazone and e. g. on & above 1000 Plans with Amazone & Netflix free subscription etc.

Apart from that provisions of IPTV Services in all our existing plans with Additional Subscription as per IPTV vendors package must be launch by tie - up with such interested vendors immediately.

(2) Stay particular in the cadre of SDE and DE in Gujarat circle is uploaded on internet portal. Kindly verify and if any one feels any discrepancy may Sent TPC & Copy by Mail / Whatsapp to Com. J A Patel.

   06/08/2018...  <<<<<<< Association has persuaded Various issues at Circle on Saturday.In this regard All DS, DP, COB, DSOB are requested to ensure for mobilize these amongst all concern >>>>>>>

(1) JTO E1 - E2 , TBP work is to be place to Screening Committee for Approval of Appx. 204 candidates.

(2) JTO to SDE, SCF promotions for Recruitment year up to 2008, for Apx. 323 candidates, Revised AIEL list is sent to BSNL-CO. This list will be placed for screening committee at Circle Office, Gujrat, VC from Non Recruiting & other Circles are under persuasion.

(3) For SDE to AGM, SCF Promotions of list - 8 , from Gujarat for Apx. 98 Candidates the work of updation of record is in final stage, after that it will be process for VC & place before screening Committee & there after will be send to BSNL - CO.

(4) We met to DR. JAOs for discussing their arbitrarily transfers,we advised them for Doing uniform Representation & after that this week we will take up it with Respected PGM (Fin) & if require we will take with CHQ also.

(5) We Appraise Respected Sr.GM (CFA-Mrtg), for proactively work out FTTH -Plans with Higher Speed & with More volume of free GB, with subscription of Amazon, Netflix, IPTV , on demand videos etc. to Counter with up coming JIO-fiber services with same features.

(6) In WTP - Gujarat, for arbitrarily transfers of AGMs we discussed with DGM-WTP, Gujarat and we responded positively to look it amicably. Our WTP - AHD Branch will further pursue it.

   30/07/2018...  <<<<<< Written Letter to Hon’ble CGMT, Gujarat >>>>>>
Association has written letter regarding various sensitive CFA issue in view of upcoming tuff competition on Dtd.20-07-2018. In this connection meeting were also arranged with Hon’ble PGM(BB-Hq) and discussed in details for various services i.e FTTH, BB & maintenance issue for OFC, LL and CDR related and given suggestions for increase of revenue.
Click here for Copy of Letter written by CS       

   25/07/2018...  >>>>>>> Detail Promotion Order from SDE to AGM/DE

Circle Office has issued detail Promotion Order from SDE to AGM/DE by avoiding much disturbance. We are very thankful to Hon'ble CGMT, Gujarat and Hon'ble GM(HR & Admn), Gujarat & their entire team.

All promoted AGM/DEs are requested to assume charge as AGM/DE as per Corporate / Circle Office Letter, i.e Date 29-06-2018 to their SSA Admin.
Click here for Copy Order List-1       

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