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Recent Order and Circular

   09/07/2018...  !!!!!!!!! Com. We are Continuously persuading at Circle Office & CHQ for various issues as follows . All our DSs , DPs, COBs & DSOBs are requested to mobilize amongst all concern. !!!!!!!!!

(1) At Circle Office, for E1 - E2 , TBP of JTOs, necessary formalities for Grading & DPC for 230 No.s JTO is in progress & will look to complete it at an earliest.

(2) At Circle Office total 415 JTOs Rect. Up to 2008, preparation of Revised All India Eligiblity List & APAR Accessment are under progress for Seniority Cum Fitness JTO to SDE regular Promotions. We are looking / persuading that all may sent to BSNL - CO, as and when required .
(3) At CHQ parallel we are persuading for considering Promotion of JTO of Tel, Civil, Ele, TF etc. to SDE, under SCF Quota, with uniform criteria of Recruited & Qualified up to 2013, by upgrading all necessary posts required for promotions.

(4) At CHQ we are also persuading for Promoting SDEs of Tel, Civil, Ele, TF & AO etc. To AGM / Ex. Eng. / CAO respectively under SCF Quota at Par with uniform Rect.Year / Qualified service by upgrading necessary post require for promoting all Cadres.

(5) At CHQ we are persuading for Regular AGM to DGM Promotions. From Gujarat SCR of 87 No.s of regular AGMs are already sent to BSNL - CO.

   07/07/2018...  Comrades, Circle Secretary written letter to Hon'ble CGMT Gujarat Circle requesting him to review posting order of SDE to AGM. Click here for Copy of Circle Secretary Letter       

   07/07/2018...  >>>>>>> Comrades, Circle office has issued the revised instruction for posting of those officers who are not relieved from their SSAs and allowed to work provisionally in the same SSA on promotion as AGM till further orders. We are very much thankful to Hon’ble CGMT Gujarat Circle, Hon’ble GM(HR) Gujarat circle and his team. Click here for the revised instruction issued by Circle Office.       

   05/07/2018...  <<<<<<< BSNL HQ Issued SDE to DE Promotion Order>>>>>>

Regular Promotion and Posting in the cadre of DE issued By BSNL Corporate Office.

Congratulation to One & All for getting promotion of DE Regular.
Click here for Promotion Order        Click here for Promotion Order List -1        Click here for Promotion Order List -2        Click here for Promotion Order List -3       

   03/07/2018...  <<<<<<< Promotion order of JTO Electrical >>>>>>>

Congratulate to one and all Electrical wing Executives who got Promotion.

BSNL HQ issued transfer order in Cadre of SDE(E) and Re posting of SDE(C).
Click here for Copy of Letter & Order for Promotion of JTO(E) to SDE(E)        Click here for Copy of Transfer Order of SDE(E)        Click here for Copy of Re Posting Order of SDE(C)       

   02/07/2018...  <<<<<<< CO Issued SDE to DE Promotion Order>>>>>>

Regular Promotion and Posting in the cadre of DE issued By Gujarat Circle Office.

Congratulation to One & All for getting promotion of DE Regular.
Click here for Copy of Letter & Order for DE regular       

   01/07/2018...  <<<<<<< Promotion order to Executive of Various Stream >>>>>>>

Dear Comrade,

First of all we Congratulate to one and all Executives of various stream who got Promotion

As you know that after very long long time awaiting these all promotions order are issued by BSNL - HQ. It is also worth to mention that only SNEA Association is in all the scenes of various on going promotions by way of doing timely , effective and extreme level all efforts at all level to make it sure before CPSU. Even SNEA played roll for successfully persuasion & monitoring along with coordination of management as well as filling Petition / MA / impleading at each & every Hon'ble courts across the country where ever necessary either exploring that by our SNEA or encoring Huge expenditure to see that Stay should not granted to any applicants.
By whole hearted effort of Association all these thousands & thousands promotions were released , released today & will continue to release for all various cadres of Telecom, Finance , Civil , Electrical etc as much as possibly prior to CPSU.

Besides of these, we are also committed for earliest implementation of CPSU so that now onward our all long awaiting aspirants & newly coming younger generation get smooth & hurdle lees promotions as per prescribe time framed in CPSU.

We will rigorously pursue those cases who are due and found missing & not covered in promotion order. So that they will be cover in subsequent list which may release soon. And all those may represent their case immediately through TPC by Addressing To, Sr.GM (Pers), BSNL - CO, BSNL, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi. With Copy to DS SNEA & Scan PDF copy to Com. J A Patel on WhatsApp : 9427011600 & on mail
Click here for Copy of JAO to AO BSNL - HQ Order        Click here for Copy of JAO to AO Promotion Endorsed by Guj. Circle (Promotes are requested to assume today only)        (3) Click here for Copy of order - Adhoc DGM(Fin) issued by BSNL-HQ        (4) Click here for Letter of SDE to DE Promotion [ All Promote requested to assume today ]        Click here for Copy Annexure-I        Click here for Copy Annexure-II        Click here for Copy Annexure-III        Click here for Copy Annexure-IV        Click here for Copy of Order of Regular EE        Click here for Copy of Order of JTO(Civil) to SDE(Civil)        Click here for Copy of Order of SDE(Civil) to EE(Civil) Pt-1        Click here for Copy of Order of SDE(Civil) to EE(Civil) Pt-2       

   30/06/2018...  <<<<<<>>>>>>
Total 228 SDEs who were eligible from List 6&7. 58 SDEs were eligible from list 8. Total eligible from GJ were 286 SDEs. Promotion order issued for 214. Left out 72 SDEs list is given below. All left out SDEs pl make a representation to Sr. (GM) Pers. BSNL CO New-Delhi giving detail of HR number, SDE promoted below you in the list and forward it through proper channel and give copy to DS and on mail We will persuade at BSNL CO.
Click here for Missing List       

   29/06/2018...  !!!!!!!! CHQ Update for JTO to SDE , SCF Promotions for JTO recruited up to - 2008 !!!!!!!!. In this connection BSNL - CO, Today issued further instructions in continuity of previous instruction for providing revised AIEL - Seniority as per JTO joining, SCR , APAR & VC up to end of this July, for All JTOs who are recruited up to -2008.

In this regard before 10 days itself We have already started our persuation at Ahd - CO for compliance it at earliest to BSNL - CO.
Click here for Copy of Letter       

   26/06/2018...  >>>>>>> Completing APAR for 2017-18 for E1 to E2

Circle Office has circulated letter & list of JTOs who are due for 1st Time Bound Upgradation for immediate fill up APAR of 2017-18.

All DS & DP are requested to take immediate persuasion / action to concern to fill up pending APAR of 2017-18 as circulated list JTOs.
Click here for Letter & List of JTOs       

   26/06/2018...  >>>>>>> Circle Office circulated 548 candidates data for filling up DOJ.

Circle Office in follows of BSNL Corporate circulated missing Name/HR No/Staff No/Circle etc 548 candidate list.
Yesterday Dt.26-06-2018 CO circulated in PDF letter & list.
It was already circulated by BSNL HQ in excel format, file attached h/w for ready reference for all DS/DP/DOB/COB. They are requested to immediately persuade with SSA-Admn for filling missing data then revert back to CO. If there is no candidate from your Dist. then accordingly reply given to CO from your Admn section & then copy of same forwarded to CS.
Click here for Excel Format file having two sheet (1) Total - 548 & (2) Guj Filtered - 17 Executives       

   25/06/2018...  SSA wise stay particulars of Accounts & Finance Personnel working in Gujarat Circle. Position
as on 31.03.2018.
All DS & DP requested to mobilize and fond any discrepancy of executive may represented through proper channel and copy will be given to Dist.Sec. & Circle Sec. for to early resolved issue at Circle Office.
Click here for Stay Particular of JAO/AO/CAO       

   25/06/2018...  >>>>>>> Dear Comrade In relations to various recent development of Promotions we are Continuously persuing for all these, on going HR - issues at Ahd-CO & CHQ, in this regard, All DSs, DPs, COBs, DSOBs are requested to take all N / A at SSAs for which ever issue is required & mobilize all developments amongst all concerned.

(1) for 1st Time Bound E1 to E2 for JTOs, e-APAR Review of 2017-2018 is to be ensure for completion at earliest at SSAs & it is to be comply to Ahd-CO. in this regard Letter is already uploaded on CO & our web site. And We will keep on to pursue it.

>>>>>>>> Letter uploaded as above.

(2) As per our Persuasion at Ahd -CO Finance wing, Wait List & Stay Particular of JAO, AO, CAO is already uploaded on CO & our web site. Hence for any correction & review concerned may write & give copy to our DS.

>>>>>>>> Letter uploaded as above.

(3) As per our Persuation at Ahd - CO, Finance for DPC of 127 eligible JAOs to AOs screening committee report already sent to BSNL - CO . VC also kept ready , hence it can sent immediately as & when called, and we will continue to monitor & pursue it.

(4) We already persuaded at Ahd - CO, Admn & HR for large no.s of SCF Promotions of JTO to SDE of Recruitment Yr. 1999 & 2000 onward for sending their revised AIEList, Screening & VC detail and same way for sending necessary corrections for DPCs of SDE to AGM & AGM to DGM all are to be sent to BSNL - CO at earliest & till that we will continue to pursue it.

(5) for SCF promotions of Electrical & Civil we have pursued for sendind DPC Screening , VC etc. detail to both of PGMs at BSNL - CO.And almost it is sent. We will still conitue to pursue it.

(6) for out of Circle transfer cases of SDEs of Electrical & Civil we have already pursued at Our CHQ and BSNL - CO & still it is under pursuation with both of PGMs at BSNL - CO. We are hope full for consideration at earliest.

(7) for dropped & missing cases reported to us in lastly issued JTO to SDE, SCF Promotion, earlier we have already informed status to Concerned DSs. However if any one of them feel grievance may write to Sr. GM (Pers) , BSNL - CO, New Delhi , with all detail , TPC & Copy to our Concerned DS & to CS. BY SCAN - PDF Document & mail :

   25/06/2018...  !!!!!!!! Most Urgent !!!!!!!!! , for SDE to AGM , Promotion the list circulated by BSNL - CO & in turn by Ahd-CO to all SSAs for sending back the correct data / information for incomplete & pending cases is uploaded H / W, so concerned DSs , DPs , COBs, DSOBs are requested that seat with AGM (Admn) of your SSA & find the Name of SDE belongs to your SSA & against that what so ever data / information is incomplete may be send to Ahd - CO, up to tomorrow evening it self so that after compilation Circle may send to BSNL - CO, also send the same corrected Name , HRNo, & other correction by SMS / WhatsApp to Com. J A Patel on : 942701160 so that we can also pursue it at Ahd-CO. Click for copy of Letter & List >>>>>>>>>       

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