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Circle Secretary Correspondance

   02/03/2020...  >>>>> Revised Bank Details for EPF Matter <<<<<

Circle Treasurer Bank A/C -

State Bank of India
Chakli Circle Branch,
Sanchar Nigam Executives Association
Current A/c No. 37298486733
IFSC Code - SBIN0030158

   23/02/2020...  Dear Comrades,
>>>>>> Stay Particular Published By CO <<<<<<
Circle Secretary has consistently persuaded & written various letter to Hon’ble CGMT, Gujarat for considering Own Cost Request & Longest Stay Transfer of Various Executive Cadres of Telecom. In this regards Circle Office published Stay Particular of Executive.
If any member have any discrepancy then represent to CO through proper channel and copy given to concern DS. All DS, DP & COB are requested to mobilize in their SSA and any discrepancy take up to CS.
Click here for Stay Particular of Executives       

   10/01/2020...  Dear Comrades,
Association has written letter in contentious of earlier letter (1) SNEA/ Guj /19-20/12a19 dtd: 11/12/2019 Cadre-HR-Related) to CGMT. Once again raised HR Related issues like -
(1) Consider Own Cost request transfer of VRS Optee under tenure transfer for smooth post VRS activities.
(2) Updated Own Cost & Stay particular to be published as normal practice.
(3) Percentage of shortage / surplus of executive / non executive counted as per earlier practice (i.e. Revenue, Business & geographic area etc.) then match by considering own cost transfer and longest stay, so minimum transfer may full fill administrative need.

All DS, DP & COB pl upload above brief of letter in your local whatsapp group for wide publicity.
Above both letter uploaded on our web site for future reference.

- J.A.Patel SNEA Web Incharge (AGM, ATD)
Click here for Letter        Click here for earlier Letter Dated 11-12-2019       

   04/01/2020...  Dear Comrades,
As you all very much aware that Association (CS) is continuously persuading with Hon’ble CGMT, Gujarat regarding Post VRS Service & HR related issues. Association was written letter as No - SNEA/Guj /19-20/011B19 dated: 13 /11 /2019 (HR & Service & Post, VRS Related) .
Today Once again Association (CS) has written letter regarding suggestion as per latest corporate guide line for Policy on external plant, other activities of maintenance, Out Sourcing & up keeping of various activities etc for smooth function of all Services. The details of various activities proposed / suggested are attached herewith in letter.
Click here for Post VRS Suggestion / Proposal made by CS       

   20/12/2019...  >>>>>Issues taken up vide our letters to Hon'ble CGMT pertain to HR - Admn, PO / Service book, Post VRS Plan.

(1) Requested to consider due, own cost request transfers from waitlist of JTO / JAO, SDE / AO, AGM / CAO, PA, PS, Civil, Ele, etc.

(2) Balancing of staff after VRS by minimum long stay & within Area BA / SSAs

(3) Consider JTO, R8, Cases.

(4) Consider JAO, R9 Cases.

Regarding above (1) to (4) points we responded positively.

(5) Requested for consider of long pending conformation orders of JTO(Civil). Accordingly in 1st phase 11 ready cases under consideration & still pending will be initiated earliest.

(6) Requested for consider of long pending conformation of JTO (Ele). Such all cases will be initiated earliest.

(7) Requested to ensure necessary actions for post VRS, operation, maintenance & out sourcing plans at an earliest for smooth continuity of services. In this regard we informed that Hon'ble CGM, Sir & Heads of all Vertices at Circle Office are meeting for deciding action plan in consultation with BSNL - HQ. And trying level best to act on it at earliest.

(8) As per our request cases received at O / o CGMT, for Name correction / Change in PO are under progress & time to time uploaded on Circle intranet.

However for cases still pending due to in complete documents, letter will be uploaded today on circle intranet with checklist accordingly, all concerned SSA, ensures to resend such cases with documents as per check list to O / o CGMT.

(9) To consider Own cost transfer of VRS Opties
seeking Parent BA / SSA, respective of tenure. In this regard it is discussed to us that completion & transfer of service book of individual & sent to newly transferred SSA will take time & may delayed in reaching to CCA, as well GPF transfer may also delay, so individual will be sufferer.

However still willing & interested individual also, may have to take personal care to pursue & ensure for proper completion of service book & sent in time to newly SSAs.

Hence such willing will again apply fresh as reminder with earlier reference TPC & with Copy to CS, SNEA.

And for above cases Sl.No (8) & (9) send proper scan copy copy marked to SNEA to Com. J A Patel's Whatsapp : 9427011600.
And on EMail :

We will continue to pursue all these issues regularly & time to time update it.
Click here for Copy of Letter for Service Related Suggestions        Click here for Various Service EOI - Proposal        Click here For Copy of Letter for Name Change in PO / Service Book        Click here For Copy of HR Related Issue        Click here for copy of Instruction issued by CO for Name Change in PO       

   12/12/2019...  >>>>> Circle Secretary written Letter to Hon’ble CGMT, Gujarat on HR-Issues<<<<<
(1) As mentioned in letter, we have requested to consider issues & suggestions pertain to Own cost request transfers from waitlist of JTO / JAO, SDE / AO, AGM / CAO, PA, PS, Civil, Ele, etc.
(2) Own cost transfer of VRS Optees, Seeking Parent SSA / BA, irrespective of tenure is to be given.
(3) JTO - R8
(4) JAO -R9
(5) If required to transfer in long stay then minimum transfers to be given as well as it may be consider in near by BA or SSAs.
Click here for Copy of Letter       

   03/12/2019...  >>>>>Update on our persuasion at Circle Office for issues related to Correction in Name, Surname for VRS Opties, in relation to our letter.

(1) for any Correction in Spelling of Name, Surmae etc. In " Presidential Order " for cadres of JTO / JAO & above, ask concern, that with any of matching & supportive documents such as Service Book Page, Appointment Order, LC, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Bank A/c.

(2) Same way in case of correction in " Service Book" for cadres of JTO / JAO & above, ask concern, that with matching documents of Presidential Order, Appointment Order , LC, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Bank A / c.

In both above cases concern JTO / JAO & above, individual have to Apply " Through Proper Channel " to The GM (HR / Admn ) O / o, CGMT, Gujarat. With copy to our concerned DS, Plz.

(3) Accordingly all DSs must see that all such applications of SSAs must quickly forwarded to Circle Office.

And copy of SSA forwarding is to be sent to our Circle Web Cordinator, Com. J A Patel : 09427011600.

(4) Correction in form - 3 i.e. in family members detail is to be done at SSA for all Executive & Non Executive caders by fresh form - 3 & related documents.
Click Here copy of Letter written to Hon'ble CGMT       

   27/11/2019...  >>>>> CS Letter to Hon’ble CGMT, Regarding smooth Name Change Process in Service Book & PO <<<<<

CS has written letter to Hon’ble CGMT, Gujarat, requested to make smooth process of Name Change in Service Book at SSA level then accordingly in PO at CO. In this matter further requested to clarify process, so those VRS optee required to change name can timely complete process then completing VRS process timely.
Click here for Copy of Letter written by CS       

   21/11/2019...  >>>>>Post VRS Suggestion pertaining to HR and BSNL interest <<<<<
Circle Secretary requested to Hon'ble Chief GM, Gujarat Circle for considering our suggestions pertaining to HR and BSNL interest of service issues related policy decisions for handling present situation as well as planning future road map in advance to handle Post VRS situation for smooth functioning, and as per need to be taken up with BSNL – CO, too on priority.
Click here for Copy of Letter wrote to Hon'ble CGMT        Click here for Copy of Post VRS Activities Proposal Made by CS       

   19/11/2019...  >>>>> Comrades Circle Secretary B.G.Patel met Hon'ble MOS (IC-Shipping) Shri Mansukh bhai On Dtd.09-11-2019 at Bhavnagar <<<<<
Comrades Circle Secretary B.G.Patel met Hon'ble MOS (IC-Shipping) Shri Mansukh bhai On Dtd.09-11-2019 at Bhavnagar to express our deep gratitude for your generous support for escalating our BSNL revival issue to PMO.
Along with Com. B.G.Patel , Com. S F Jadeja, Com. P H Bhatt & Com. Ajay Sheth from Bhanagar and Com. Pankaj & Com. Govind from Vadodara also met to Hon'ble MOS, Shri Manshukhbhai at Bhavnagar for conveying our Thanks for timely & effectively representing BSNL Revival issues to Hon'ble PMO.
At the same time we also submitted our important & long pending issues pertain to BSNL interest and HR, such as E2- E3, 30% SAB, 3rd PRC, CPSU Promotion Policy, Pension contribution as per actual, refund of excess paid, pension revision etc. to represent it to all concerned in Government Department.
He assure us very positively to do needful at earliest.
We will still continue to peruse it with him & all concerned.
Click here for Letter to PMO        Click here for Photo-1        Click here for Photo-2        Click here for Photo-3        Click here for Photo-4       

   24/10/2019...  Dear Comrades,
Here i must remembered you that on 20th October, 2019 last Sunday Circle Secretary Com. B.G.Patel with Com. Bharai & Com. Siyani from Junagadh has meeting with Hon'ble, MOS (Shipping -independent Charge) at Gandhinagar and same is posted in our various whatsapp group.
In which Point No – 4 [ In conclusion he assured very Confidently that he will go through our all suggestions & he will personally discussed with PMO, MOC (Home) & MOC (IT) before 23th Oct and ensure that cabinet may consider as much as & approve revival on 23rd without further delay.]
So many our member has different opinion regarding this chain of persuasion made by our Circle Secretary and team. It is last persuasion which here I quoted.
You all known that Message also there “Cabinet note will be taken after Dipawali”
So these persuasion might be charging point of whole hanging revival process that i don’t know but both persuasion & revival declaration are simultaneous.
Click here for Copy of Letter        Click here for Photo       

   17/09/2019...  <<<<>>>>
In August we meet to Hon' MOS (Agriculture), Shri Rupala & Submitted him letter for take up BSNL issues with MOC (Com & IT). Accordingly as per letter he wrote to Hon'ble MOC Shri RaviShakarji along with our letter.
On receipt of copy, written by MOS (Agriculture) Shri Rupala, again we meet him as per routine practice with coordination of our DS - Junagadh, Com. B R Bharai & DS - Amreli, Com. Radadiya on day before yesterday and Briefed him with latest situation of BSNL, described in our letter addressed to MOC ( Com & IT )and insisted Shri Rupalaji to arrange our meeting with MOC (Com & IT ) at earliest for timely action on revival of BSNL. He assure to look it positively.
<<<<< Click for Photos>>>>>        <<<<< Click for copy of Letter to MOC >>>>>       

   12/09/2019...  <<<<< CS with representative met Hon'ble MOC & IT Shri Ravishankar Prasad >>>>>
Circle Secretary with association representative met Hon'ble MOC & IT Shri Ravishankar Prasad at Gnadhinagar during his visit to Gujarat. Association has represented our feelings & thoughts towards revival of BSNL and requested to bust up BSNL stressed financial condition by providing financial aid. Minister also agree with our feelings and asked to us cooperate for revival of BSNL whatever possible steps.
Click here for Representation to Hon'ble MOC & IT       

   05/09/2019...  <<<<< Persuasion of issues at Circle office, WTR, Civil, Finance.>>>>>>
All DS, DP, COB, DSOB are requested to organised following point in their local Whatsapp group .
(1) Persuasion on Vehicle. As per our last week follow up to BSNL – HQ , it was sanction the vehicles but these are still not enough as per field requirement.
So again it is requested that short fall requirement of vehicle of all SSAs will be sent to BSNL - CO shortly & we will also pursue it at CHQ.
Hence all concern, Plz. Pursue at SSA’s MM-Plng , so that SSAs may quickly sent their short fall need of vehicle to Circle Off with justification at earliest.
(2) Pursued for eligible & pending 90 Cases of E5 -E6 - Time Bound Promotion is under Progress & order will issue shortly.
(3) Pursued for few pending, Own Cost Transfers of JAOs / AOs of finance wing on ground of spouse working at choice place and will keep it on continuous persuasion .
(4) Persuaded for issuing of order for JAO ( R – 9 Transfer) - 19 No. of cases at CHQ, all cases followed up through CHQ then BSNL – HQ again raise some query to Gujarat Circle.
For that also we pursued at our Circle Finance to reply it positively & at earliest. We are still behind it & pursuing it at CO & BSNL - HQ.
(5) Pursued for pending relieving of JTO R -8 transfer cases & we will keep it & on pursuing it.
(6) Pursued for Term insurance refund cases. And as per our request, consolidated cases list of wrongly opted Term Insurance for refund is again send to BSNL - CO & further we will keep on pursue at CHQ.
List of refund cases sent to BSNL - CO, is uploaded here with also.
Click here for copy of List of refund cases sent to BSNL - HQ,       

   30/08/2019...  <<<<< During last week, Shri Vivek Banzal, Hon'ble Director (CFA), was on tour at Gujarat, Ahmedabad.>>>>>

We took an opportunity to meet him. During this we discussed & submitted issues which are being face by field units, pertaining to CFA, CDR, ERP etc. Which are need to look by BSNL - CO.

His good self, responded & assure us to look it positively.

We also requested our CHQ for further persuasion Plz.
Click here for Presentation Given to Hon'ble Director CFA       

   08/08/2019...  <<<<< According to advise of our local MPs we wrote letter to Hon'ble PMO for issues & suggestions pertain to Revival , Survival of BSNL along with resolving our long pending HR issues at DOT.>>>>>

In this connection we received formal feed back through Jt. Sec. (Admn), DOT.

We are still committed and continue to pursue our all remaining genuine & pending issues including HR, through our reliable sources, as much as possibles in overall interest as a whole BSNL.
(1) Click for copy of letter written to Hon'ble PMO        (2) Click for copy of formal reply received from DOT >>>>>>>>       

   30/07/2019...  <<<<<<<< Our Circle Association written letter to Hon'ble CGMT -Gujarat, regarding various BSNL interest of service related issues along with suggestions, pertaining to CFA, CM, L&B, Fund & Finance, Mktg, FTTH, ERP, CDR, OPR, etc. which are being faced by our field executives.>>>>>>>>
Click for copy of SNEA -Gujarat, Letter >>>>>>>>       

   22/07/2019...  <<<<< Continuously Association approaching to Various MP through them raising BSNL revival issue in Government >>>>>

We had meeting with Hon'ble MP of Anand (Gujarat), Shri Mitesh Patel.

We submitted letter to him explaining, the present situation & need of Revival of BSNL. Demanded required initiative to be taken timely by Government so in public domain proper customer services & wrong impression can be saved.

In this regard we requested him for taking up these issues with both Hon'ble MOC (Com) & MOC (HIPE).

Accordingly him, he personally submitted it to both ministers in written & given copies of his forwarding letter to us.
<<<<< Click for copies Letters written by MP (Anand), Shri Mites Patel to Hon'ble MOC (Com & IT ) >>>>>       

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