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Latest status on current Cadre and I.S. issues.

   28/10/2017...  >>>>> Regarding Posting of JEs on Promotion to JTOs & Consideration of Pending Own cost Request as well Rule-8 Transfer of JTOs >>>>>> Comrades, Yesterday and Today, We met senior officers at Circle Office. We requested and pursued to ensure that minimum disturbance from their working SSAs may takes place while posting the JEs who are going to be promoted as JTOs. Further we have also requested that spouse cases & merit is to be considered as much as possible.
We also requested to consider the pending own cost willingness & R-8 cases of JTOs whichever are possible.
Circle Management has assured that they are trying to consider our views and suggestions to accommodate maximum request transfer with minimum transfer on promotion from JE to JTOs. While transferring also, policy on promotion will be followed.

   05/07/2017...  >>>>> Latest Update on various Cadre Related issues >>>>>
(1)Allotment of Batch for Training for JTO of LICE passed JEs. Comrades, 125 seats are allotted for pre basic training at RTTC Ahmedabad by BRBRAITT Jabalpur for LICE passed JEs of Gujarat Circle. Training will start from 17th July 2017. Detail batch allotment will be decided by RTTC Ahmedabad.
(2)Comrades, we have been constantly pursuing information asked from SSAs for Social Security Scheme. Information is still awaited from Circle Office, Ahmedabad, Amreli, Bharuch, Godhra, Junagarh, Mehsana, Palanpur and Rajkot. District Secretaries and Circle office Bearers should immediately ensure that required information is sent to Circle Office.
(3)For SDE to DE promotion, queries raised by BSNL HQ for 45 cases, reply will be sent by circle office shortly to BSNL CO.

   18/05/2017...  >>>>> Latest Update on (1) 1st TBP after 4 years uniformly to all Executives and (2) Family Welfare Scheme for BSNL Employees. >>>>>>
Comrades, as you are aware that at present various HR issues are under discussion at BSNL HQ with CHQ leaders of Joint Forum. In this regard for
(1)1st TBP uniformly after 4 years to all Executives, BSNL HQ has sought information from circles and in GJ circle we have pursued the matter and will ensure that required information reaches to BSNL HQ without further delay.
(2)BSNL HQ has sought certain information for Family Welfare Scheme to be funded by Employees. We will also pursue the same and ensure sending the information from our circle at the earliest.

   22/04/2017...  >>>>> Meeting with Hon'ble CGMT & Respected GM(HR) at Circle Office for HR issues including JTO Rule-8 >>>>> Comrades, we met senior officers at Circle Office and discussed various HR issues including Rule 8 transfer. We requested them to consider maximum cases as much possible and response was very positive.Necessary Formalities are under progress. We are hopeful that good number of JTOs Rule-8 cases will be considered in 1st phase.

   01/04/2017...  >>>>> Targets Achieved by Gujarat Circle. >>>>>> Com. We are happy to inform you that due to efforts made by all Executives and staff members across Gujarat, our circle has surpassed targets in all segments i.e. LL / BB / FTTH / SIM / Wi fi / EB and we are expecting that compared to last year our revenue also should increase. This has become possible due to the team efforts of all.
Dr. P.K. Hota Sir, our Hon'ble CGMT-Gujarat have also extended congratulations to all of us for achieving Targets & has asked to continue to work in same way for days to come. Once again congratulations to one and all.

   07/03/2017...  >>>>> Latest Update on Rule 8 Transfer >>>>> Comrades, As you all are aware that we are constantly pursuing Rule 8 transfer of JTOs and have been updating you all. We met senior officers at Circle Office last week. We asked them to publish the waiting list of JTOs under Rule 8 as per the data of Application as prevailing earlier. Waiting list will also will updated as per above criteria for Intra circle transfer also. It was assured that it will be updated shortly and published on Gujarat Intranet. Further we discussed considering Rule 8 transfer cases on compassionate ground / spouse cases as well as General cases in view of the JTOs and JEs recruitment notified by BSNL HQ. It was assured by them and we will also further pursue the matter in the coming days.

   22/02/2017...  >>>>> Update on Rule 8 Transfer from Gujarat Circle >>>>>
Comrades, As all of you are aware that we are pursuing at Circle Office to ensure that maximum Rule-8 transfer cases are considered in phased manner as well as change in criteria of registration in waiting list. In this regard we have discussed at circle office to give priority to Compassionate ground / spouse cases.
Further, we have also discussed the matter in the Central Working Committee at Hyderabad asking CHQ to issue instruction from BSNL HQ to circles for (1) Uniform Criteria i.e. Date of Application of the officer for registration in waiting list and (2) Consideration of Rule 8 cases. Comrades, As assured by us, we are pursuing the matter and will continue to do so at all levels to see that Rule 8 cases are considered in phased manner, i.e. JE Recruitment, JTO recruitment ( Both LICE as well as Outside).

   28/12/2016...  >>>>> Persuasion at Circle Office for Rule 8 Transfer >>>>> Comrades, As communicated vide our letter dated 17/12/2016, we further pursued the matter at Circle office for revision of waiting list as per Date of Application. Matter is under active consideration.
Further till such time revision takes place we requested them to consider maximum cases as per point No 2 of the letter i.e. Spouse cases as well as compassionate cases which falls in chronic diseases circulated by BSNL HQ. Matter is under active consideration.

   30/11/2016...  Comrades, During visit of Hon’ble Director (HR / Finance) Smt. Sujata Ray at Gujarat, we met her good self yesterday and today and discussed and suggested various HR, social security / replacement of GSLI by Term Insurance / welfare scheme and Interest of service related issues. We also submitted memorandum in this regard also. >>>>> Click Here for (1) Copy of Memorandum submitted to Hon’ble Director (HR / Finance) Smt. Sujata Ray        >>>>> (2) Response / Reaction given by Hon’ble Director (HR / Finance) on all the issues. >>>>>        (3) Click here for Photos of Circle Leader with Hon'able Director HR Smt. Sujata Ray.        Photo-2       

   17/11/2016...  Appointment of JAO trainees on completion of training:
The Corporate Office has issued instructions to CGMs not to give posting orders to the JAO trainees after the completion of training on 18.11.2016. As per the direction of DIR(HR), GS, AGS and Jt Sec met GM(SR) and explained the issue in detail. DIR(HR) has to attend some meeting outside BSNLCO. Since the final results are published after considering all the discrepancies and training is already completed, Assn demanded that posting orders are to be issued immediately without delay. Further there are sufficient vacancies in almost all the Circles to accommodate more JAOs in case more candidates are passing the LICE. So there is no need to keep the appointment pending, Assn explained. CHQ is also interacting with GM(Rect) and GM(FP) also on this issue to find an immediate solution.

   05/10/2016...  >>>>> Latest Update on (1) Additional Allotment of Batch for JTO Trg starting from 17/10/2016 for compassionate and genuine cases.(2) Allotment of batch for JAO trg from NATFM Hyderabad. (3) Answer Key for the Result declared for JTO and JAO LICE (4) Revision of posting order of JTO(C) to SDE (C) of GJ circle. >>>>>

Comrades, Point wise detail status is as under.
(1)Detail allotment of batch will be issued shortly from Circle Office and it will based on merit of LICE Examination. We have received representations from candidates for revision of Trg center from Jabalpur to Ahmedabad on compassionate ground. We are pursuing with RTTC Ahmedabad, Jabalpur and circle office to ensure that additional seats are allotted to RTTC Ahmedabad to accommodate genuine and compassionate ground cases.
(2)Regarding allotment of batch for JAO training, BSNL HQ has written a letter to NATFM Hyderabad to start the process of training for the eligible JAOs whose information is received, i.e. without waiting for any other circle. So Now we expect that allotment of batch and training will start shortly.
(3)Regarding announcing the keys for the result declared for JE to JTO LICE and JAO LICE we are pursuing at BSNL HQ.
(4)Regarding revision of Circle on promotion for JTO Civil, After returning from Tour of various circles, Matter was pursued by our CHQ President at BSNL HQ. We are awaiting positive outcome on the matter.

   24/09/2016...  >>>>> Status of Various Field Material in Gujarat Circle >>>>> Comrades, Due to various promotional plans launched by BSNL HQ there is good response from customers. But We have been receiving number of queries / requirements from field officers about shortage of material to execute the work, i.e. Various size of cables, Drop wire, CLIP Instruments, TSF Kits, CT Boxes etc. We have discussed the matter with senior officers at Circle Office. We have taken current status of stock and requested Circle Office to expedite the processes for shortage items.
In this regard, we are also told that Huge quantity of various material is available in secondary store locations of SSAs. Field units are requested to utilize the available Materials like CLIP, TSFs, Jumper wire, Drop wire, CT Box etc judiciously and update the data in NERP. While deciding new allotment Circle Office checks the NERP status of the SSA for that material, Hence All field officers are requested to update immediately in NERP so that allotment can be done from Circle Office.
>>>>> Click here for the Status of Various Field Material in Gujarat Circle >>>>>       

   16/09/2016...  >>>>> Allotment of batch from (1) BRBRAITT Jabalpur and NAFTM Hyderabad for Training of successful candidates in result declared in JTO and JAO >>>>>
Comrades, we are constantly pursuing at Circle Office, BRBRAITT Jabalpur and NAFTM Hydrebad to ensure allotment of batches at the earliest.
Today We have written a letter to GM(HR) GJ circle in this regard. We also discussed the matter at Circle Office with senior officers and also requested to pursue from Management side also.
We are hopeful that letter of allotment from both the places will be issued next week.
All District Secretaries should convey all this information in the local WhatsApp group created so that our Executives will be informed of persuasion done by our Association about various cadre related issues.
>>>>> Click here for the Letter written by Circle Secretary for Early Allotment of Batches. >>>>>       

   12/08/2016...  >>>> Latest update on (1) Activities to be carried out after declaration of result of (A) JE to JTO LICE,(B) Gr C to JAO in 40% Quota (2) Posting of LDCE passed out JTOs in GJ circle and (3) Retention and Posting of SDE(C) of Gujarat Circle (4) Review of Soft Tenure Stations as per BSNL HQ instructions. >>>>>
Comrades, As conveyed earlier We met senior officers at Circle Office and Civil wing to pursue above issues.
(1)We discussed at circle office to expedite verification of HRMS No, Name, Category etc for both JTO as well as JAO and take up the matter with BRBRAITT Jabalpur and NATFM Hyderabad for allotment of batch for training. They have assured that actions will be taken immediately.
(2)Looking to the acute shortage in GJ circle, We requested that matter should be taken up with BSNL HQ to ensure that all LDCE passed out JTOs are posted in GJ circle as well as additional SDEs from other circle should be posted in GJ against 25 SDEs relieved from GJ circle to other circles some time back without reliever. They have assured that Circle office will take up the matter with BSNL HQ.
(3)Regarding retention of SDE(C) who are posted to HP circle, matter was discussed and they have assured to take up the matter with PGM(BW) BSNL HQ for retention.
(4)For posting of promoted SDE(C) who are allotted GJ circle, we requested that as far as possible their choice may be considered and if not they may be posted in same civil circle / zone. We also requested them to consider pending own cost request transfer of all JTOs in Civil wing.
(5)As per BSNL HQ instruction review of soft tenure SSAs has to be done by all Circles. We requested them that five SSAs declared as tenure SSAs i.e. Bhuj, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Junagarh and Amreli should be continued as tenure station. Further SurendraNagar and Valsad also should be recommended to BSNL HQ for declaring them as tenure stations.

   26/07/2016...  >>>> TTA to JTO LICE >>>> Comrades, as you are aware that lastly BSNL-HQ, has asked all relevant circles not to take any further action in respect to result declared on 8/7/2016. We are pursuing the matter with BSNL-HQ, through CHQ to resolve all the legal & technical ambiguities in such a way so that it may not have any implication in future.
Mean time we are pursuing at O/o CGMT-Gujarat to initiate formalities & actions to call for the discrepancies if any in respect of Name of Candidate, HRMS No, Roll No, category from the concerned individuals “Through Proper Channel”, so that all such discrepancies can be corrected in record and thus we can keep ready corrected data so as and when required by BSNL HQ, we can go ahead without any further delay. We will also update instruction issued in these regard from the O/o CGMT-Gujarat.

>>>> Issues of Pay fixation, Seniority of JTO Offg >>>> Comrades, it is known to all that we have always taken up all necessary issues at all the stages as & when required of Offg JTOs who are presently under training as per latest RR of JTOs. At present the issues are pay fixation of offg JTOs, payment of arrears, and non-recovery of arrears which is already paid, seniority etc. We are seized of all the matters and at present all these are pending at various levels in Different courts. We / CHQ are pursuing the matter at all these different levels and are also trying to convenience the Management to ensure a comprehensive solution for all the matters.

>>>> Status of VC for JTO to SDE Regular Promotion. >>>> We have constantly pursued the matter with Circle Office and VCs of 337 JTOs sent to BSNL-HQ on 12/7/2016 itself.

   16/07/2016...  >>>>> Manhandling and Abducting of our Field Officers in WTP, Actions taken by CGM WTP as assured to us during our Meeting with CGM WTP at Ahmedabad. >>>>>
Comrades, As all of you are aware that since this unfortunate incident happened on 30/5/2016, SNEA made all efforts to ensure safety and security of field officers.
Number of correspondence was done with CGM WTP and BSNL hq in this regard. After lot of persuasion with CGM WTP and his office, as assured by him during the meeting we had with him at Ahmedabad, All communications were done including show cause notice for violating tender conditions being served to M/s L & T and withdrawal of instruction related to 100% check.
>>>>> Click Here for Letters Written by O/O CGM WTP to M/s L&T. (Total 14 Pages) >>>>       

   14/07/2016...  >>>>> Result of LICE for 2013-14 vacancies and further recruitment processes to be done for promotion from Junior Engineer to JTO. >>>>>

Comrades, as already conveyed earlier, result is declared by Recruitment cell of BSNL CO and conveyed it to Establishment Branch of BSNL CO for further actions to be carried out. We have discussed the matter in Establishment cell to endorse the same to Circles so that discrepancies if any Roll No, HRMS No, Category can be represented by Individuals by 23/7/2016 as mentioned by Recruitment Cell of BSNL CO.

Further those candidates whose name does not appear in the list may also submit their representation through proper channel with a copy to District Secretary SNEA.

We have also discussed the matter at BSNL HQ and Circle Office for actions to be taken i.e. Completing Recruitment process / verification at the earliest, Allotment of batches from Jabalpur etc.
We are pursuing the matter both at BSNL HQ and Circle Office will time to time update it on our website.

   02/07/2016...  >>>>> New Add On Plan of Rs. 98/- and Rs.48/- launched by BSNL for BB Customers above Rs.700/- per month.>>>>> During last visit of Hon’ble Director (HR) to Gujarat on 13/05/2016 we have represented & explained many key issues of cadre interest & BSNL interest vide our letter dtd:13/05/2016 in presence of Hon’ble CGMT & GM(HR)-Gujarat.
Amongst these many are considered such as declaration of LICE results, TTA Recruitment, JTO Recruitment etc. Issue of sudden & heavy rise in disconnections of BSNL Land Line & BSNL Broad Band Connection was also discussed primarily due to time to time launch & offers of very low tariff plans in LL & BB by our competitors.
In this connection we have suggested vide point (LL & BB Mktg 1) That Increase in Rental charges particularly for Urban as well as Rural Connection. Issue is Freebies attached to Plan. E.g. Rent for Urban LL increased from Rs.195/-to Rs.220/-. Free calls are within BSNL network only. This leads to Billing complaint also. It should be free calling to all networks. This is applicable in BB Combo Plans too. Further add on plan of say Rs. 99/- per month on LL for all network free should be launched on all BB plans above say Rs. 500/-.
Accordingly on dtd: 01/07/2016 BSNL-HQ launched add on plan covering most of the aspects. Add on plan of Rs. 98/- per month for unlimited calls to any network across the country and Rs. 48/- add on plan for and network within Gujarat unlimited calls for all BB plans above Rs.700/- per month.
Now we request all BSNL Employees to mobilize our exclusive featured plan to retain & grow BB customers as well to convert LL customers to BB customers under these plans. Still we will continue to analyze and time to time submit & peruse all such issue at appropriate levels to uplift our esteemed BSNL.
>>>>> Click for the copy of BB-Plan launch by BSNL-HQ >>>>>       

   02/07/2016...  >>>>>Extension of reimbursement, facilities and incentives for sales team i.e. Project Vijay in CM wing and Project UDAN in CFA wing >>>>>
Comrades, as per point 3 of our Letter No:SNEA/Guj/16-17/06c16 dated: 21/06/2016. We have requested the issue to Hon’ble CGMT-Gujarat & perused at BSNL-HQ through our CHQ for Extension of reimbursement facilities and incentives for sales team i.e. Project Vijay in CM wing and Project UDAN in CFA wing for payment of Rs.1800/- per month to project Vijay team in CM wing and Rs. 1400 /- in UDAN team.
Accordingly Matter was discussed at BSNL HQ and restructuring cell is shortly issuing extension of the scheme W.E.From 1/10/2015 benefitting all members of Project Vijay and UDAN team working across the country.

   21/06/2016...  >>>>> Instruction dated 14/3/2016 kept in Abeyance by CGM(WTP) Mumbai. >>>>>
Comrades, As per the discussion we had with CGM (WTP) yesterday, one of our demand was to keep instruction dated 14/3/2016 in ABEYANCE. Today Sr. GM(WTP) Mumbai has issued the instruction to keep in abeyance instruction dated 14/3/2016 till further orders with a copy to SNEA GJ w r to our letter dated 21/4/2016.
>>>> Click Here (1) For the Abeyance Instruction issued by O/O CGM(WTP) >>>>>        (2) Letter written by Circle Secretary SNEA Gujarat on 21/4/2016.>>>>>       

   15/06/2016...  >>>>> Update on various Cadre and Interest of service Related Issues. >>>>>
Comrades, We met Senior officers at Circle Office last week and discussed following issues.
(1)>>>>> Look After orders from JAO to AO. >>>>> We requested Hon’ble GM (F) Gujarat Circle to consider look after arrangement from JAO to AO. We further requested to consider the same without any disturbance. She agreed to look into the matter as per the requirement of SSAs. We expect that orders will be issued shortly.

(2)>>>>> Matching Tariff Proposals >>>>> Matter was discussed and it was agreed by Circle Office that as different tariff structure are used by private operators, if SSA send their specific tariff for approval with details of other operators tariff, same can be matched to avoid disconnection. We request all District Secretaries and Circle Office Bearers to send the proposal from SSA to circle office.
(3)>>>>> Request Transfer in Electrical wing >>>>> We met Hon’ble Chief Engineer (Electrical) and requested him to consider maximum request transfer while posting SDEs posted from other circles to GJ Circle. He assured to look into the matter.

   12/05/2016...  >>>>> Congratulations Comrades, Successful Dharna Done on 11/5/2016.>>>>>
Comrades, We congratulate one and all for making Dharna Programme on 11/5/2016 a Total Success.

We believe that Genuine HR issues raised by SNEA has drawn the attention of Management and today administrative approval is given by the competent authority to implement E2, E3 pay scales replacing E1A and E2A. This is the direct impact of agitation conducted by us.
Comrades, History of SNEA is up-liftment of cadre prospects and We will continue to strengthen our unity for the cause of Cadre prospects of all Executive Cadres in the days to come.
>>>>> Click Here for the Letter Issued by BSNL Management fixing Target Dates for various Demands of Executive Cadres. >>>>>       

   18/04/2016...  >>>>> Meeting With Director (CM) BSNL New-Delhi >>>>> Comrades, We met Director (CM) during his 3 day visit in Gujarat for review of Mobile services of Western Zone.
We have highlighted many issues, viz. Unlimited Data Plan for 3G customers, difficulties faced by field units in CAF related issues with VTM wing etc. Regarding unlimited Data Plan, he assured that once IN related issues which are under process is resolved same will be launched. Regarding CAF related issue he assured to look into the matter. Hon’ble CGM Gujarat Circle and PGM(CMTS) Gujarat circle were also present. We are also going to take up operational issues with Hon’ble CGMT Gujarat Circle in this regard.

   21/11/2015...  >>>>> BSNL WON GSWAN TENDER FLOATED BY Govt. Of Gujarat. >>>>>
Comrades we Congratulate Hon’ble CGMT, GM(EB), and PGM(F) Gujarat Circle and their team including Ahmedabad Telecom district for winning prestigious e-tender for Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN) floated by Govt. of Gujarat for supply, Installation, and commissioning of 533 nos of leased lines & three Internet leased lines ( 1 Gbps,1.5Gbps and 2 Gbps).

A stiff competition was there from Airtel, Railtel and Vodafone. BSNL Gujarat Circle won all the 13 clusters including ILL business.
This business will fetch Rs. 70 crores of Revenue to Gujarat Circle over a period of three years.
Now it is our duty to ensure that fast execution of the project takes place in best way.

   21/11/2015...  >>>>> Meeting with Senior Officers at Circle Office. >>>>>
Comrades, We met senior officers yesterday and discussed various Interest Of Service related issues. Updates are as under.
(1)Migration to NGN switch is taking place across the Circle. It was reported by field units that duplicate jumpering is taking place for BB customers, though BB facility is available in NGN switch itself. Matter was discussed and shortly instruction in this regard will be issued and BB customers will be directly connected to NGN switch.
(2)TRAI has removed IUC for calls made from Landline to any operator landline and Mobile. From Service mobile it is required to call other operator LL and Mobile. IUC charges for such calls have to be paid by BSNL.
Matter was discussed and Hon'ble CGMT has agreed to issue instruction in this regard that while in office / at residence if it is required to make call to other operator landline / mobile, call should be made from LANDLINE ONLY.

   19/11/2015...  >>>>>Comrades, we have requested & pursued various cadre related issues at Circle Office. Status of all such issues is under.
(1) Regularization of JTO Offg as per new RR: Comrades, we have requested & pursued that the list of offg JTOs is required to be sent for regularization to BSNL H/Q as well as for Phase-I training batches allotment at RTTC-Ahmedabad. Same will be sent shortly.
(2) Considering pending request transfer of JAOs against new batches. Matter was discussed and will be considered on completion of 2nd Phase training of newly recruited JAOs, who are in field training presently.
(3) In respect of JTOs Rule-8 cases list, counter circle wise Pending list from Gujarat is to be forwarded to BSNL H/Q. Circle wise total pending cases will be sent shortly. Hence at the time of forth coming JTO recruitment, maximum JTOs Rule-8 cases can be considered & from all these Circles, respective vacancies are to be diverted to Gujarat so that strength of Gujarat Circle should not get affected. Further we have also requested that mean while some genuine cases are to be considered in phase manner. Accordingly rule-8 transfer case of 4 JTOs are considered by Circle office.
(4)Vacancy position in respect of JTOs and TTAs, as per BSNL H/Q-Proforma is forwarded to BSNL H/Q. Hence at the time of forth coming recruitment / notification of LICE of JTO and TTAs, maximum vacancies pf JTOs as well as TTAs of Gujarat circle can be filled up can be filled up.
(5)Implementation of passport related instruction issued by MEA on Dated: 26.05.2015: We have requested Circle Office that as per Ministry of External Affairs under good governance policy of GOI has revised instruction for giving NOC for passport vide above dated letter. Accordingly in line of this Office Memorandum, the simplified procedure is to be adopted for issue of NOC for Passport of our BSNL officials & If required matter may be taken up with BSNLH/Q.

   27/07/2015...  >>>>> Meeting with Senior Officers at Circle Office Ahmedabad >>>>> Comrades, we met senior officers at Circle Office Ahmedabad to pursue various HR issues affecting Executive Cadre of Gujarat Circle. Details are as under.
(1)Inter circle request transfer of SDE / DE : It was discussed and a consolidated list of pending request transfer cases will be sent to BSNL h/q shortly.
(2)Rule 8 Transfer of JTOs: It was discussed and we requested that at least genuine spouse cases may be considered at present. ----- It was agreed to look into.
(3)Training of left out JTOs: 5 TTAs, whose result was withheld, now has been released and they will be sent for JTO training on batch starting from 3/8/2015 at RTTC Ahmedabad.
(4)Training and Posting of JAOs: We requested Management to expedite recruitment process i.e. Medical, Document verification etc. Further we requested them to take up the matter with training center for allotment of batches for training in parallel. In addition to that we requested Management to consider pending request transfer of JAOs of Circle while posting new JAOs. --- It was agreed to look into.
(5)We requested Management to ensure early relieving of Executives from Bharuch and JMN whose orders are issued long back. --- It was informed to us that necessary actions are taken to relieve them.
(6)Looking to the shortage of JTOs and TTA in the field, we requested them to take up the matter with BSNL h/q for allowing Gujarat Circle for recruitment of TTAs and make special recruitment of JTOs. ---- It was agreed.
(7)Volunteers are called for SDE at RTTC Ahmedabad. We requested Management to carry out DPC / Interview as and when minimum say 5 applications are received. ----- It was agreed to look into.
(8)We requested them to forward all representation in respect of seniority in the cadre of SDE and above. ----- It was agreed to forward the applications to BSNL h/q.

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